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Resources for Advent & Christmas

A wide range of prayer resources and Bible Studies available  for the Advent and Christmas Season:

As streets fill with shoppers,
bright lights and tempting offers,
Christmas songs and children’s laughter,
You lead us along a different path,
to a desert and a prophetic voice,
a call to repentance,
a call to service,
a call to immerse ourselves
in living water that will never run dry,
a call to prepare a way in our own lives
for the Saviour of the world to enter in,
to know the touch of tender mercy
and rest in your forgiving love

Check out our pages of Advent prayers, Advent themes and liturgies, Christmas prayers old and new, and Celtic Advent Liturgy themes

 Bible Study

Bible study guides

A wide range of Bible Study topics available, including Advent and Lent, available for download. Easy to use with lots of discussion questions, the Bible studies are easy to distribute, and you only need one copy for each group, so they are excellent value as well. 

Bible study topics and samples can be found here

Christian Prayer

Prayers for healing and wholeness

Healing and wholeness go together, because broken lives are made whole though the love and grace of God. Healing is a recurring theme throughout Scripture, and the Apostles and early Church knew well the power in prayer to bring healing, wholeness and peace into lives.

Prayers for healing are here.

Christian Prayer

Daily prayers through the week

Drawing close to God with daily prayer is important, and at the top of this page you will find a link to daily prayer, and this automatically changes daily through the week, offering a short liturgy that can be used alone or with a group.

The Daily Prayer for today is here

Christian Prayer

A call to worship

Prayer for those leading worship - calls to worship and closing prayers. Some of the many contemporary prayers written by John Birch, alongside more traditional prayers that you'll find on the website free to use and ready to download!

Calls to worship are here

'Singing the Story' - New Advent Study

This World Bible study

This new Advent Bible Study takes as its starting point four familiar  hymns/carols, and then takes a journey through the season, with the four themes looking at a covenant people, angels and mothers, the reactions of those who saw the baby and the bigger picture of 'who is Jesus?'

There are the usual pieces of art to maybe discuss, as well as plenty of background info and lots of discussion questions. Studies are easy to use and you only need one copy per group, so very economical!

More info on the Bible Study and download a sample  here

For more info on all the Bible studies available on the website, and a bonus offer, head to this page!

Prayers of Life - by John Birch

Advent Bible Study

A collection of over 200 contemporary prayers  for individuals, worship leaders and small groups.

From blessings and prayers at the start of the day, these prayers begin with our own walk with God and spread out to encompass our fellow travellers throughout the world, along with their joys, concerns, needs and conflicts.

The book is available from Amazon, and as a PDF download on this website.

In this confused
and fragile world,
strengthen our faith,
increase our love,
and let your peace
flow through us,
that we might be
an ocean of calm
in what has become
a restless sea.

For more info, and sample prayers, head to this page!

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Christian Prayer

New! Prayers in times of quietness

A collection of  prayers for those quieter times of meditation, when we are perhaps more able to hear God's gentle whisper - or a few suggestions for those on a fellowship quiet day.

Prayers in quietness  can be found here

Christian Prayer

New! Loving our neighbors

Some new prayers looking about how we interact prayerfully and practically with those who love around us, and not forgetting that our neighbours live not just down the street but all over the world

Prayers  can be found here

 prayers in the early church

Patterns of prayer through the ages

It might be assumed that worship in the early Christian Church was fairly spontaneous, used as we are to seeing perhaps the occasional poetic prayer attributed to St Patrick or his contemporaries. We might also think that set orders of service are a relatively modern introduction. Actually, this is not the case, certainly for congregational acts of worship follow this link

Find out more on this link

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