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Prayers and Resources for Lent

A wide range of prayer resources and Bible Studies available  for the season of Lent:

Your Word reveals to us a simple truth,
that sin entered this world
through human folly
in believing we could be like you,
and permeated history
through envy, selfishness and greed.
Yet sin, which holds us tight
within its grasp
cannot resist a heart that is touched
by your grace through Jesus Christ,
cannot contend with Living Water
pouring into hearts and souls.
Your Word reveals to us a simple truth,
that sin is defeated
and we can become
the people we were always meant to be,
by your grace through Jesus Christ.

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Prayer Memes to Share

There are many hundreds of contemporary prayers on this website, and some of them I've converted into images or memes to share on your Social media platforms such as FaceBook and Twitter. It's a growing resource, so check it out and share, share share!

Prayer memes are here.

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Daily prayers through the week

Drawing close to God with daily prayer is important, and at the top of this page you will find a link to daily prayer, and this automatically changes daily through the week, offering a short liturgy that can be used alone or with a group.

The Daily Prayer for today is here

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A call to worship

Prayer for those leading worship - calls to worship and closing prayers. Some of the many contemporary prayers written by John Birch, alongside more traditional prayers that you'll find on the website free to use and ready to download!

Calls to worship are here

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Christian Blessings for a Home

It's always nice to share a blessing when friends and families move house, or children go off to university, so here a a few prayers which might be suitable for you to enclose with a card as you wish them well in their new home.

Blessings for a home are here

walking in faith

New Lent Bible Study for 2020

Lent Bible Study

'Living in the Light' is a 5 part Lent study that uses the Lectionary readings for Year A, so can be integrated into sermon planning for Lent 2020. It can of course  also be used at at any time. The study looks at the long journey of a people coming to terms with their relationship with God, and the struggle of holding onto faith in difficult circumstances.

In the New Testament readings we look at Jesus and his own struggles against temptation, but also the developing picture of who Jesus is and what that means for us all.

There's also artwork to look at, as well as plenty of background info and lots of discussion questions. Studies are easy to use and you only need one copy per group, so very economical!

More info on the Bible Study and download a sample  here

For more info on all the Bible studies available on the website head to this page!

Special offer - If you spend £10 or USD10 in the shop on any of the Bible studies or prayer collections then you'll get a free book of prayers as well!

New! Walking with God - 200 new prayers

Walking with God prayers

A new collection of prayers written over the past year, reflecting what's been happening in the world and the joys and concerns of those on the Christian journey.

Available as paperback or as a pdf download. More info on the book and its contents  here

For more info on all the prayer and study resources available on the website, and a bonus offer, head to this page!

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New! Prayers in times of quietness

A collection of  prayers for those quieter times of meditation, when we are perhaps more able to hear God's gentle whisper - or a few suggestions for those on a fellowship quiet day.

Prayers in quietness  can be found here

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A Collection of Offertory Prayers

A collection of  prayers for leaders of worship to use when the offertory is taken within a service. For those whose services are not following one within a standard prayer book, hopefully these will be helpful.

Prayers for the offertory can be found here

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New! Today's Gang Culture

Some new prayers with an emphasis on the gang culture that exists today, mainly it seems in our larger cities, but no doubt elsewhere, leading to many untimely deaths and young people falling into crime, often serious, with its implications for them and their families.

Prayers  can be found here

 prayers in the early church

Patterns of prayer through the ages

It might be assumed that worship in the early Christian Church was fairly spontaneous, used as we are to seeing perhaps the occasional poetic prayer attributed to St Patrick or his contemporaries. We might also think that set orders of service are a relatively modern introduction. Actually, this is not the case, certainly for congregational acts of worship

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