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There are lots of resources on the website for Lent and Easter. As you start your preparations for the season, how about an Lent Bible study? All the ones I offer are easily distributed by email to your small group.

Check out these pages for resources:

Prayers for Lent 

Intercessions for Lent

Liturgies for Lent : Lent 1 : Lent 2 : Lent 3 : Lent 4 : Lent 5 : Palm Sunday : Easter Sunday

Prayers for Easter

Your Word reveals to us a simple truth,
that sin entered this world
through human folly
in believing we could be like you,
and permeated history
through envy, selfishness and greed.
Yet sin, which holds us tight
within its grasp
cannot resist a heart that is touched
by your grace through Jesus Christ,
cannot contend with Living Water
pouring into hearts and souls.
Your Word reveals to us a simple truth,
that sin is defeated
and we can become
the people we were always meant to be,
by your grace through Jesus Christ.

Sovereign Lord,
your hand has touched
the dry bones of our faith,
your Word has breathed
new life where there was death,
your spirit raised
us up from where we lay
your love has brought
us home and to your Cross,
and by your grace
we stand forgiven, free.


Christian Prayer

NEW! Blessings on the journey   

Most of us stumble now and then as we walk the path of faith, and when we do it is good to be reminded that we are not alone.
A blessing shared is a wonderful thing, encouraging, strengthening and reminding us that God is with us, always!

May you be a blessing
to every life you touch,
and the Spirit within,
that life-giving water,
be a gift of refreshment
in love shown and shared
with all who are thirsty
along the road you travel.

Blessings on the journey of faith are here.

New! 'Water of Life' Bible study

Lent Bible Study on Hope

These studies are slightly different to others I have written, in that they begin with looking at our world, in particular the water we rely on for life and livelihoods. We look at  both our positive and negative interactions with water, and the impact of climate change on its supply.

From that point, we move on to look at how water features, physically and symbolically, in the Bible, and what insights can be gained that might assist us in our own relationship with what is, the Bible tells us, God's gift to us.

Available as a pdf download. More info here

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New! Sunshine & Storm

Sunshine & Storm

A collection of 200 prayers written though a turbulent 2020, where the world struggled with truth and a pandemic!

But there were also sparks of light in the darkness, in love shared, and sacrifice.  

Available as a paperback, Kindle or pdf download to read as an ebook. For more information about this book click this link

For more info on all the prayer collections and Bible studies available on the website head to this page!

Christian Prayer

Celtic Blessings and Prayers

These prayers come from a variety of sources, and are a mix of contemporary and traditional prayers, some which go back to the early saints! There's a continuing interest in the simplicity of this way of prayer, centred often in the Trinity. 

Prayers can be found here

Christian Prayer

New! Prayers when times are tough

We all have days when life seems a bit of a struggle, but for some this is their daily experience, be it in their jobs, poor health or simply keeping the family fed. 
A few prayers that might help!

Christian Prayer

Prayers for our every day lives

It might seem like just 'another day' but of course it isn't if you are journeying with God, because there are oportunities to be grasped, words to be spoken, things to be done, people to pray for and be close to - it is never really just 'another day' for the Christian! 

May this not just be ‘another day’
but one where, as I open the door
to what is an orchestra of bird song
in this beautiful, if fragile world,
that somehow I connect with you,
who gifted us this temporary home,
and yet still daily walks with us
even when we think we’re alone.
For such gracious and enduring love
we offer this, our heartfelt thanks.

When life is tough, Lord,
grant us both strength
and peace, in knowing
you are there beside us
in darkness and in light,
never further away than
a silent prayer is heard
and arms reach out to hug.

More prayers can be found here

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