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Advent prayer and worship resources

There are lots of resources on the website for Advent and Christmas. As yu start your preparations for the season, how about an Advent Bible study? All the ones I offer are easily distributed by email to your small group.

Check out these pages for resources:

Advent prayers 

 Advent themes and resources

Contemporary and traditional prayers

Advent themes & liturgies 

Celtic Advent Liturgies 

This Advent-time
we remember Mary and Joseph,
giving thanks for their faithfulness,
courage and obedience,
stepping out into the unknown
in the strength of your Spirit,
playing their part
in the fulfilment of your plan
to bring your prodigal people
home again.
We pray that their example
might be the pattern of our lives,
that when your gentle whisper
breaks through the clamour of this world
and into our small corner,
we might be ready to listen,
and having listened, to act.

Thank you Father, for your patience
With a rebellious people
Loving you one moment
Forgetting you the next
Thank you for your endless love
Which does not give up
But wants the best for us
Despite our faults
Thank you for your promise
To all who believe
And put their trust in you
Everlasting life
And in this Advent season
May the Baptist’s call
Resound in hearts and minds
Drawing many to the living water
Where they might find forgiveness
And knowledge of your Salvation. Amen

New! 90 Seconds with God

A new series of short videos with Bible verses and prayer - do share!

Christian Prayer

NEW! Blessings on the journey   

Most of us stumble now and then as we walk the path of faith, and when we do it is good to be reminded that we are not alone.
A blessing shared is a wonderful thing, encouraging, strengthening and reminding us that God is with us, always!

Blessings on the journey of faith are here.

Christian Prayer

Daily worship through the week

Drawing close to God with daily prayer and worship is important, particularly in difficult times, and at the top of this page you will find a link to daily prayer and worship, offering a short liturgy and two worship songs that can be used alone or with a group.

The Daily Worship for today is here

Christian Prayer

Prayers for our every day lives

It might seem like just 'another day' but of course it isn't if you are journeying with God, because there are oportunities to be grasped, words to be spoken, things to be done, people to pray for and be close to - it is never really just 'another day' for the Christian! 

Prayers can be found here

New! Advent Bible Study - 'HOPE'

Advent Bible Study on Hope

Written as the world looks for something beyond the anxiety of a year of pandemic, with its daily worries, personal losses and changes of lifestyle.

The study looks at what hope can be, both in our everyday existence, and as it appears in the Bible, with particular emphasis on the Advent story, and those whose lives touched that of Jesus.  

Available as a pdf download. More info on the book and its contents  here

For more info on all the prayer and study resources available on the website, and a bonus offer, head to this page!

New Bible Study -  Heart & Soul  

Bible Study

A study written during the Covid-19 epidemic, when questions about how and where we worship suddenly were back on the agenda!   

It is, if you like, a bit of a refresher course, an overview, looking the reasons and insights Scripture gives us for meeting together for corporate acts of worship in churches, chapels and cathedrals, and how worship contributes to the rest of our week. There's lots to discuss!  

So, in these studies we consider why worship is a vital part of the daily Christian life; the attitude in which we approach our worship; some common elements within Christian worship, and what the benefits are to the worshipper, the fellowship of believers and the building up of the global Church.  

Studies are easy to use and you only need one copy per group, so very economical!

More info on the Bible Study and download a sample  here

For more info on all the Bible studies available on the website head to this page!

Special offer - If you spend £10 or USD10 in the shop on any of the Bible studies or prayer collections then you'll get a free book of prayers as well!

Christian Prayer

Celtic Blessings and Prayers

These prayers come from a variety of sources, and are a mix of contemporary and traditional prayers, some which go back to the early saints! There's a continuing interest in the simplicity of this way of prayer, centred often in the Trinity. 

Prayers can be found here

Christian Prayer

Prayers for the working week

Monday mornings are often difficult when it comes to motivation - the commute to work, by car, bus or train, long hours, decisions to make, responsibilities, frustrations, fears, joys and unhappiness. A few prayers that might help!

"Bless the work we do,
the words we say,
the love we share
and the grace we show,
on our daily walk
through this beautiful
and precious world." 

More  can be found here

Christian Prayer

God with us in our journeying

It's good to know that we are not alone as we get out of bed in a morning and prepare for whatever the world is going to throw at us! God is with us, his Spirit guiding and inspiring us:

"There is a transformation that takes place
within the warmth of your embrace,
That certain knowledge that you are
refuge, shelter, fortress and stronghold,
against which no army can succeed.
That you are Brother, Sister, Mother, Father,
the love that knows no bounds.
That you are God,
And I am lost outside of your embrace."

More prayers  can be found here

Christian Prayer

Early Christian prayers

These are examples of my favourite prayers handed down to us from the first centuries of the Christian Church. They are from various sources and where possible include authorship

Prayers on this link

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