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For all who struggle
to find their identity
in a world that tries,
often without success,
to find a suitable box
in which to fit them,
grant them courage
to become the people
you want them to be,
not constrained
by this world’s wisdom
but allowed to grow
and become themselves
in your Spirit’s power.

There are many hundreds of inspiritional prayers, contemporary and traditional, on the website. Check out the prayer index here

 Bible Study

Bible study guides

A wide range of Bible Study topics available, including Advent and Lent, available for download. Easy to use with lots of discussion questions, the Bible studies are easy to print off and distribute, so excellent value. For list of Bible study topics and samples follow this link

Christian Prayer

Prayers for healing and wholeness

Healing and wholeness go together, because broken lives are made whole though the love and grace of God. Healing is a recurring theme throughout Scripture, and the Apostles and early Church knew well the power in prayer to bring healing, wholeness and peace into lives. Prayers for healing here.

Christian Prayer

Daily prayers through the week

Drawing close to God with daily prayer is important, and at the top of this page you will find a link to daily prayer, and this automatically changes daily through the week, offering a short liturgy that can be used alone or with a group.

The Daily Prayer for today is here

'This World' - A new Bible study

This World Bible study

When we start looking at the world upon which we live, it's more than simply thinking about how we might better look after it, but also thinking about such questions as 'What was God's purpose in creating the earth?', 'Where did we all go wrong?', 'Where do we find hope?' and 'Just what are our responsibilities?'

I'm not saying this set of Bible studies answers all the theological questions that those questions pose (!) but at least it might get you thinking a bit more about them, and generate a bit of discussion in small groups that might be fruitful!

More info on the Bible Study and download a sample  here

For more info on all the Bible studies available on the website, and a bonus offer, head to this page!

Prayers of Life - by John Birch

Advent Bible Study

A collection of over 200 contemporary prayers  for individuals, worship leaders and small groups.

From blessings and prayers at the start of the day, these prayers begin with our own walk with God and spread out to encompass our fellow travellers throughout the world, along with their joys, concerns, needs and conflicts.

The book is available from Amazon, and as a PDF download on this website.

In this confused
and fragile world,
strengthen our faith,
increase our love,
and let your peace
flow through us,
that we might be
an ocean of calm
in what has become
a restless sea.

For more info, and sample prayers, head to this page!

Christian Prayer

New! Prayers in times of quietness

A collection of  prayers for those quieter times of meditation, when we are perhaps more able to hear God's gentle whisper - or a few suggestions for those on a fellowship quiet day.
Christian Prayer

New! Prayers using candles

A collection of prayers for those who like the idea of lighting a candle (a votive offering) whilst they pray, a tradition in several denominations, following a request for some contemporary votive prayers!

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