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Prayers on a theme of 'another day'

"..I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do all this through him who gives me strength." (Philippians 4:11-13 NIV)

May this not just be ‘another day’
but one where, as I open the door
to what is an orchestra of bird song
in this beautiful, if fragile world,
that somehow I connect with you,
who gifted us this temporary home,
and yet still daily walks with us
even when we think we’re alone.
For such gracious and enduring love
we offer this, our heartfelt thanks.

When life is tough, Lord,
grant us both strength
and peace, in knowing
you are there beside us
in darkness and in light,
never further away than
a silent prayer is heard
and arms reach out to hug.

Gracious God, take from us
any anxiety we might face
as this day, with its baggage,
opens the door and enters in.
May we see opportunities
that yesterday were missed,
blessings in the little things
we might normally walk past;
time enough to set aside
a space to read your Word,
say a prayer, sing a song,
strengthen faith and know
you’re there, always there,
whatever this new day might bring.

For all those on their way to work,
by road, rail or walking into town,
these precious souls I do not know
but are loved just the same by you.
Be with them in their daily tasks,
in their frustrations and their joys.
Be with them in their interactions
with others, and grant them peace
when life begins to get them down.
And in those brief moments of quiet
reveal yourself to them, gently
through the whisper of your Spirit
saying; ‘Come to me, my child, find
what your heart is truly searching for.’

You have work for us to do
today, Lord. Getting hands
dirty kind of work. Being
there when needed, ready
to get stuck in kind of work.
Being your hands comforting,
healing, embracing but also
exposing injustice and wrong.
Being your feet, walking
alongside the marginalised,
the struggling and the weak.
Being your voice encouraging
those who stumble in the dark
to reach out, embrace the light.
You have work for us to do.
Grant strength and wisdom, Lord.

Loving God, equip me
for the day ahead;
with love enough
to share within
the busyness of life,
patience with those
demanding time
and my resources,
wisdom in the way
that I engage in
daily conversation,
and the strength
I need to carry on,
when weariness sets in.

Bless all who work in stressful situations;
healthcare, teaching, law enforcement,
social services and other occupations
where patience, love and perseverance
can wear thin, and daily stress levels rise.
Keep them safe and keep them well,
Keep them safe and keep them well,
equipped to follow their vocation
through the most difficult of times.
And at the end of their day, grant rest.

Loving God, what we desire is this;
that people see not us, but through
our smile, greeting, helping hand
or helpful word, your love reach out
and touch, maybe at a time of need.
Keep us focussed through this day
on being your servants in this place,
or wherever you might take us,
and may your name be glorified.

For all whose day starts with anxiety,
as they leave the security of home
worrying about the risk of infection;
particularly those whose health
or age classifies them as vulnerable.
Loving God, be close, keep them safe,
along with all whose tasks today
includes the care of frail and elderly.
And for all of us, grant wisdom
to make sensible choices, not just
for ourselves, but for everybody.

In the darker moments,
when clouds gather
and the heaviness we feel
seems overwhelming,
remind us of your love,
carrying the weight
of so much in that cross,
embracing the world
with arms outstretched
that we might know
freedom from the chains
which now constrain us.
Bring us to your light,
release our burdens
and from despair bring hope.

In togetherness
and isolation,
may your love
be the thread
that connects us


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