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Care Home Sermons of Bishop David

"This morning I want to take you on a little adventure..."

Bishop DavidIn 2019 there were around 400,000 people living in care homes in the UK, and around 60% of these had dementia (Age UK figures). 

However statistics are looked at, it remains a fact that there are many elderly folk currently in care who may have lost contact with the church that they once belonged to, and access to a visiting Chaplain or Minister is important. 

But communicating God's Word to this demographic is not quite the same as to a regular congregation. Attention spans may be short, and simple, understandable illustrations invaluable.

One person who understands that is Bishop David, some of whose sermons written in the care home where he lives are shared (with his permission) below. 

His daughter Clare says, ' Some of them are what I call Magic Carpet sermons because in them he takes his listeners (residents cooped up in a care home, unable to travel anywhere on holiday or otherwise!) to such places as Rome, Joppa and the Mediterranean. In my favourite of these sermons, he transports us to 3 churches of St Peter - to the majestic basilica in Rome, to a church in the midst of London and finally to a tiny little church in the Yorkshire Dales.'

These reflective and delightful sermons are shared with the hope that others might find them useful, edited as necessary, to fit their own situations.  

(Bishop David's story on this link)


Sermon Title Download
Sunday before Advent. Christ the King .docx
Advent 1: The waiting game .docx
Advent 2: A morning walk .docx
Advent 3: Bright lights .docx
Christmas Day : A watchword for the coming year .docx
Feast of the Epiphany .docx
Epiphany 2: Finding and being found .docx
Lent: Forty acts of giving .docx
Sexagesima, 2 before Lent: How to read St John's Gospel .docx
Sunday next before Lent: Experiencing the presence of Jesus .docx
Sunday before Lent: Changing the world .docx
Lent 1: Expectations .docx
Lent 2: Jesus in the Temple .docx
Lent 3: The woman at the well .docx
Lent 4: Mothering Sunday .docx
Palm Sunday .docx
Easter .docx
A talk on numbers, especially seven .docx
All Saints: The Beatitudes, spiritual treasure .docx
All Saints tide: When the saints go marching in! .docx
St Hilda: Princess and Prioress .docx
St Michael & All Angels .docx
St Valentine .docx
St Simon & St Jude .docx
Trinity 11: Peter the Rock .docx
Taymar sermon .docx

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