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Prayers for all who are struggling

Prayers for those struggling with life and faith at this moment

For all who struggle
to cope with change
in the shifting scenes
of life – childhood,
education, families,
identity, relationships,
employment, faith,
growing older, dying -
bring hope, a sense
of your love for them,
a glimpse of eternity.

Transform our struggles
into victories
Transform our doubting
into certainty
Transform our stumbles
into confidence
Transform our sorrow
into worshipping
Gracious God, we pray.

For all who struggle
to find their identity
in a world that tries,
often without success,
to find a suitable box
in which to fit them,
grant them courage
to become the people
you want them to be,
not constrained
by this world’s wisdom
but allowed to grow
and become themselves
in your Spirit’s power.

When the question is ‘Why?’
be the voice that I hear
When the question is ‘Where?’’
be the guidance I need
When the question is ‘When?
Be the wisdom I seek
When the question is ‘How?’
be the strength I require
When my answer is ‘Yes!’
be the peace that I feel.

Help us overcome
our fears and doubts,
all that comes between
the things you ask of us,
and all that we believe
we are capable of.
Break down the barriers
that daily we create,
and enable us to become
all that you ask us to be.

Give strength to those
who have grown weary,
doubtful or disillusioned
along the road of faith,
now wanting to rest awhile
or take a different route.
Open their eyes again
as with those two disciples
on the Emmaus road.
Let them hear your word,
feel your gentle touch
and know that it is you
still walking by their side.
Resurrect their faith,
bring to them new life,
living God, we pray.

For those struggling
through stormy seas,
growing weary
of the journeying
and losing sight
of their destination,
be the lighthouse
that guides them
past hidden dangers,
into calmer water
and the safe harbor
of your loving arms.

Bless all whose journey,
that search for faith,
acceptance and identity,
is made more difficult
by circumstance, doubt,
diversions, exhaustion,
stumbles along the road,
and the load they carry.
May they hear your voice,
and see your footsteps,
know how close you are,
lay down their burden,
reach for your hand
and allow you to lead
them into their promised land.


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