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Blessings on the Journey

Contemporary blessings for the journey of life

Most of us manage to stumble now and then on the journey of faith, and when we do it is good to be reminded that we are not alone as we walk. A blessing shared is a wonderful thing, encouraging, strengthening and reminding us that God is with us, always.

God bless the steps you take
and the path you tread.
May they bring you safely
to where God needs you
at the start of this new day

May the guiding hand of God
lead you from the busyness
and stress of your daily life
to a quiet place, still waters
where you can rest awhile,
and in that space find peace.

May the peace of God
calm your fears
through storms of night.
May the love of God
warm your heart
and bring you light.
May the word of God
give you strength
when the body’s weak.
May the grace of God
flow from you
to the world you meet.

God bless your day
and place a song
upon your heart
to lift your spirit,
bring you peace,
and give comfort
on the journey,
rough or smooth.

God bless each step
that you take today,
whether that road
is rough or smooth.
And in God’s strength
step out in faith,
step out in love,
step out in peace,
and bless this world
with God’s presence
in and through your life.

May you find peace
within the storm,
and the encircling
of his arms.
May you find rest
within the night,
and refreshment
in the dawn.
May you find joy
within your heart,
a song just waiting
to be sung.
May you find peace.

May you be a blessing
to every life you touch,
and the Spirit within,
that life-giving water,
be a gift of refreshment
in love shown and shared
with all who are thirsty
along the road you travel.

God grant you peace
in times of anxiety.
Let HIs Spirit flow
as a healing balm
to mind and soul
and ease the load
you strain to carry.
In times of anxiety
God grant you peace.

Every morning that you wake
May you feel the peace
That can calm the fiercest storm
May you feel the love
To forgive and then move on
May you feel the strength
To walk and not grow weary
May you feel the joy
That is at the heart of being
May you feel the presence of God.

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