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Prayers : Times of Quietness

Being still, and hearing God's voice

There are many times when it is good to be quiet before the Lord our God. It might be as part of a time of meditation with a church fellowship or friends, in a formal or informal setting, in a building or sat in the quietness of the countryside. It may be a quiet time by ourselves, thinking about our relationship with God, the blessings and struggles along our journeys of faith, and reconnecting with the source of our spiritual strength.

Whatever the reasons, in your often busy days do take time out to be quiet, to hear that gentle whisper of God's Spirit, to be both blessed and strengthened.

"He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters..."
(Psalm 23:2 NIV)

In the quiet of a moment,
snatched from the busyness
of this day, I shall be still.
Listening to the sounds
of the world around me.
Listening to the voices
of its people passing by.
Listening to my soul
and the prayers within.
Listening, and knowing
You are listening also,
that unbreakable bond
between Heavenly Father
and me, your earthly child.
In the quiet of a moment,
in the presence of my God,
I shall listen, and be still.

May there always be space
within each day, time out
from whatever is going on
to make that important
and prayerful connection
with you, our loving God,
who always has time for us
within those ever-open arms.

Living LORD
lead us
to those streams
of living water
that we
might rest awhile
and be refreshed

In your daily search for peace
may you find space within
your aloneness and busyness
where all else fades away
and grants to you and God
such precious time together,
in the simplicity of worship
within the everyday of life.

That you think of me,
know me by name,
guide and call me
within the vastness
of this world and
the universe beyond,
is a thing of wonder.
That I hear your voice,
feel your presence
in a moment of time,
in a whispered prayer,
speaks of your love
and my true worth,
draws me ever closer,
Creator God, to you.

In a precious moment
where, as the world
outside my window
continues on its way,
I have found space
to be alone with you,
and ask, in all humility
to feel your presence
within this quietness,
however temporary,
and hear your voice
as, with open heart
I bring my offering
of prayer and praise.

Speak to me, Lord,
in this quiet moment,
a precious oasis
within a busy day.
Speak to me, Lord,
that I might find
in its clear water,
strength for my soul

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
be still and remember
all the Lord has done;
in our darkness when
his word was our light,
in our gladness when
his joy was our song,
in our weakness when
his touch was our strength,
in our coldness when
his love was our warmth.
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
be still, be still and remember.


I commit this day
into your hands.
Loving hands,
caring hands,
guiding hands,
healing hands,
guarding hands,
forgiving hands.
Into your hands
I commit this day.



You are the whisper in the breeze,
calm voice within each storm,
the lamp inside my darkness
and guidance along this road.
You are the hidden treasure.
You are the pearl of great price.
You are the one who occupies
the God-shaped hole within my life,
that no other can ever fill.



Be the light we walk by
Be the peace we know
Be the truth we hold to
Be the love we show



However busy I might be,
may there be moments
when I am alone, to think,
to pray, to hear your voice
and know your presence
within and beside me,
through this and every day.



Knowing you are with us
in the ebbs and flows
of our everyday lives,
your Spirit’s presence
within our hearts,
your gentle whisper
guiding our steps,
your warm embrace
when times are hard,
your hands held out
each time we fall.
Knowing you are with us
in our everyday lives
is blessing enough for today.



May your day be blessed
by moments of quietness,
light in your darkness,
strength in your weakness,
grace in your meekness,
joy in your gladness,
peace in your stillness.
May your day be blessed.



May peace flow
as a gentle stream
through your soul,
love’s pure warmth
soften your heart,
and joy in the Lord
shine in your face
and all your words.



God be in you… always
God be in your resting
God be in your waking
God be in your busyness
God be in your quietness
God be in your speaking
God be in your listening
God be in your fullness
God be in your emptiness
God be in your laughing
God be in your weeping
God be in you… always.



Within each day may there be
peace within my busyness,
space where I can rest awhile,
and listen to your gentle voice
before engaging with the world.



You call, and so often,
amid the bustle of our day,
we’re distracted
and fail to hear your voice.
You knock, but our lives
are untidy, unprepared,
and so we pretend
we never heard the sound.
Forgive us, Lord,
who look to you for guidance,
but only on our terms,
- when we call you -
and so often your need of us
is in the ‘now’ of our busy-ness,
which can be ‘inconvenient’.
Forgive us, Lord,
may the door of our hearts
be open, and our ears attuned
for that unexpected call.



God of rising sun
be the warmth that I feel
God of gentle wind
be the air that I breathe
God of refreshing rain
be the cleansing I need
God of sacred space
be the peace that I crave
God of setting sun
be the rest I desire


God of the moment
be in our busyness,
the don’t have time
for anyone moments,
the running around
chasing our tail moments.

God of the moment
be in our solitude,
the time to take stock
and quiet moments,
the stilling our minds
and prayerful moments.

God of the moment
be with us, always.


God of rising sun
be the warmth that I feel
God of gentle wind
be the air that I breathe
God of refreshing rain
be the cleansing I need
God of sacred space
be the peace that I crave
God of setting sun
be the rest I desire


May the blessings of the earth surround you.
Clear paths and firm ground to walk upon,
fresh water and green shoots to sustain you.
May the blessings of the sky surround you.
Rising sun to lighten your journey,
soft rain in due season to refresh you.
May the blessings of heaven surround you.
Angel voices to raise your spirits,
the Father’s arms to lift and embrace you.



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