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Advent prayers

Worship resources for Lent & Easter

A selection of prayers and Bible studies for Lent and Easter

Jesus, Lamb of God,
when you walked this earth
you did not consider
heavenly equality,
though that was yours to choose,
but took the role of servant,
and in humility
and obedience
allowed the rough nails of our sin
to be hammered into your flesh
for the sake of our salvation.
And so it is
that we acknowledge you
as Lord of all,
to the glory of God the Father,
Son and Spirit, Three.

Lent and Easter resources can be found here

Celtic Prayer

Celtic blessings and prayers

These prayers come from a variety of sources, and are a mix of contemporary and traditional prayers, some which go back to the early saints! 
There's a continuing interest in the simplicity of this way of prayer, centred often in the Trinity.

Bless this house and those within.
Bless our giving and receiving.
Bless our words and conversation.
Bless our hands and recreation.
Bless our sowing and our growing.
Bless our coming and our going.
Bless all who enter and depart.
Bless this house, your peace impart.

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Bible studies

Bible Studies about this world

 Care for this world Are you as an individual or church concerned about the climate crisis, this world we live on, and our responsibility for its care?
There are several Bible studies here looking at aspects of our relationship with God, this world, and everything and everyone that lives on it!
Click here to see the studies

Christian Prayer

Blessings for the journey of faith

Most of us manage to stumble now and then on the journey of faith, and when we do it is good to be reminded that we are not alone as we walk. A blessing shared is a wonderful thing, encouraging, strengthening and reminding us that God is with us, always.. 

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Christian Prayer

Prayers for a damaged world

The world we live on can often seem to be both damaged and cruel as we see images on our TV screens of the suffering of so many people - to the point where it is often difficult to know how to pray. Hopefully there are some prayers her that might help.

Breathe love into lives ruled by fear
Soften hearts that are hardened by pride
Whisper gently to those bound by chains
Sow peace where conflict divides

Click here for prayers for this world

Christian Prayer

Resources for Leaders of Worship

Being asked to lead all or a part of a service of worship can be daunting. You can find calls to worship, offertory prayers and blessings on the prayer resource menu above, but if you want resources for your bookshelf then there's recommendations for authors that I use on the link below. 

Click here for book recommendations

New Lent Study - The Grace of God

Hark the glad sound Bible Study

These studies look at several ways in which the Bible reveals to us the person of Jesus and his Messianic role, both through prophesy and the personal testimony of those who walked with him, or like Paul, had their lives turned around by a spiritual encounter with Jesus.

Available as a pdf download, inexpensive, plenty of information, discussion questions and even artwork to help you think about its various themes.

One of several easy-to-use Bible studies available. For more information on Lent studies  click this link

New for 2024 - In Search of Justice

Justice Bible Study

We live in a world where justice (or a lack of it) and fairness are often mentioned in everyday conversation or social media.

These four studies look at how the Bible can help in our understanding of this theme, and how a search for justice should be at the heart of our faith. One of several easy-to-use Bible studies available, with plenty of discussion questions, notes, and images to enhance our understanding. 

For more information and sample study click this link

Ripples of Prayer

 Everyday Prayers

Ripples  is all about engaging with the world in prayer, and is a collection of 300 contemporary prayers for personal use, or for those who lead worship in church.

Imagine throwing a pebble in a pond, and watching the ripples spread out over the surface of the water. So it can be with our prayers, which start with our own walk with God and spread out to encompass our fellow travellers throughout the world, their joys, concerns, and needs.

Paperback direct from Amazon on this link 

Downloadable pdf available for purchase from the shop


Blessings and Benedictions

A blessings is great to share with those we love, as well as an ending to a service of worship!

The peace of God be in your heart
The grace of God be in your words
The love of God be in your hands
The joy of God be in your soul
and in the song that your life sings.

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In search of justice

There is so much injustice in this world - against individuals and groups of people, visable and invisible. Here's a range of prayers to help in our response, which of course also means speaking out!  

Grant us a willingness
to speak out for the weak
and vulnerable.
Grant us a readiness
to point out the corrupt
and indefensible.

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Faith & Worship

Faith and Worship

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