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Thinking About Creation #3

More prayers about the world in which we live

"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,  what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?.'"
(Psalm 8:3,4 )


In the fading of the summer sun,
the shortening of days, cooling breeze,
swallows' flight and moonlight rays

In the browning of leaves once green,
morning mists, autumn chill,
fruit that falls, frost's first kiss



Creator God, forgive our moments of ingratitude,
the spiritual blindness that prevents us
from appreciating the wonder that is this world,
the endless cycle of nature,
of life and death and rebirth.
Forgive us for taking without giving,
reaping without sowing.
Open our eyes to see,
our lips to praise
and our hands to share.
May our feet tread lightly on the path we trea,d
and our footsteps be worthy of following,
for they lead to you.


We see signs of summer's passing in golden leaves,
shortening days, misty mornings, autumn glow.
We sense its passing in rain that dampens,
winds that chill, Harvest's bounty placed on show.
Creator God, who brings forth
both green shoot and hoar frost,
sunrise and sunset,
we bring our thanks
for seeds that have grown,
harvests gathered,
storehouses filled,
mouths fed.
And, as your good earth rests
through winter's cold embrace,
we look forward to its re-awakening
when kissed by Spring's first touch.



As a part of nature's wondrous cycle,
Of new birth, growth, fruitfulness and death,
We rejoice in the creation of new life,
For parenthood, the passing on of knowledge,
For understanding and the wisdom of years.
We are grateful for those who have gone before,
Passing on to us our spiritual heritage.
May our lives blossom as the apple tree in Spring.
May we become fruitful in thought and deed,
And may the seed of love that falls to the ground
Linger beyond our time upon this earth.


God of winter's cold, of clear sky and frozen river.
All: We praise your Holy Name

God of spring's warmth, April showers, waking life.
All: We praise your Holy Name

God of summer sun, warming earth, sprouting seed.
All: We praise your Holy Name

God of summer pasture and mountain stream
All: We praise your Holy Name

God of root and shoot, of harvest to come
All: We praise your Holy Name



A sleeping world emerges to new possibilities,
Weakening winter's icy grip,
And birdsong and bleating lamb
Announce to all the promise
That in due season
Creation bursts into life.
And whilst leaves that fell in winter
Lie upon the ground,
Soon to feed the earth,
In nature's wondrous cycle
Of death and rebirth,
Within the tree is a stirring of new growth.

For the cycle of life
Which brings death and rebirth
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For lengthening days
And sunlight's warmth upon the soil
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For a snowdrop's beauty
Reflecting its Creator's artistry
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For new born lambs
Their joy and exuberance
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For all of creation
And the majesty of its Creator
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring


We bless you, God of Seed and Harvest,
And we bless each other,
That the beauty of this world,
And the love that created it,
Might be expressed though our lives,
And be a blessing to others,
Now and always.



This is your garden, Creator Godm
a thing of beauty
beyond understanding,
a poem that is being written
not in words,
but in colours,
wind's whisper,
soaring bird,
snowdrop's petal,
gentle rain,
sunlight's warmth.
This is your garden, Creator God,
a thing of beauty
beyond understanding,


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