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time for prayer

100+ prayers about living in this world


time for prayer

Prayers on the journey of faith

'time for prayer' is all about living out our faith as we go about our business and leisure, and is a collection of over a hundred new prayers for personal use, or for those who have been asked to lead worship in church.

'time for prayer' has prayers for ourselves and those we love, as well as prayers for those in the wider world who are struggling to survive in a hostile regime, are suffering  injustice or fleeing from their homes as refugees.

These are prayers which are mostly not available on the faithandworship website. The pdf version available from the website has several photographs and related quotes/prayers from the others, which are not available on the Kindle version.


Time for prayer

Help us as we use
the building blocks
of each new day,
to make something
beautiful for you -
A building that is
fit for purpose,
strong and durable,
able to withstand
the fiercest storm,
and within which
your peace and love
can safely live and grow.

Within our darkness
be a lighthouse
shining brightly,
warning of hazards,
unseen dangers,
guiding us safely
through stormy waters
into the safe harbour
of your loving arms.

Available as an ebook (pdf format) from our online shop, and in Kindle format from Amazon

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