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Prayer when times are hard

We need to know God is with us in tough times

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)

Bless all who work in stressful situations;
healthcare, teaching, law enforcement,
social services and other occupations
where patience, love and perseverance
can wear thin, and daily stress levels rise.
Keep them safe and keep them well,
Keep them safe and keep them well,
equipped to follow their vocation
through the most difficult of times.
And at the end of their day, grant rest.


In the darker moments,
when clouds gather
and the heaviness we feel
seems overwhelming,
remind us of your love,
carrying the weight
of so much in that cross,
embracing the world
with arms outstretched
that we might know
freedom from the chains
which now constrain us.
Bring us to your light,
release our burdens
and from despair bring hope.


When life is tough, Lord,
grant us both strength
and peace, in knowing
you are there beside us
in darkness and in light,
never further away than
a silent prayer is heard
and arms reach out to hug.


Loving God, we bring to you
those for whom this day
is simply a continuation
of a struggle to survive;
to feed and clothe the family,
pay the rent or mortgage,
keep the kids in school,
stem a rising tide of debt,
search for yet another job.
Be with them in the choices
that must be made today.
Bring light into their darkness
with the help that they so need,
and embrace them in your love.


We pray for all those in hospital,
for routine or emergency care,
thanking you for the dedication
and skills of doctors and nurses
in whom we all entrust our lives.
Bless their work, keep them safe,
along with all receiving treatment,
that damaged and broken bodies
might be made whole once more.
God of love and life, we pray.


We give thanks for the many
who work within our hospitals;
doctors, nurses, and others
who together give of their best,
often in stressful situations,
caring for the sick and injured.
For their skills, gifts and calling
we are so grateful. Bless them
with wisdom, strength, and love
in the many difficult decisions
they will have to make today,
God of love and grace, we pray.


We pray for the many families
struggling with life at present
through illness, loss of work,
mounting debt and anxiety.
May we be there when needed
by our own family and close friends,
but also when our neighbours,
close by and further afield
need a shoulder to lean upon
or simply a helping hand;
that as community, together,
we can share your love, in word
and deed, to your glory, loving God.


Loving God we pray for all those
struggling physically and mentally
because of the pressure of life,
particularly where relationships
are on edge or breaking down
and there is violence and abuse.
Be with victims in their distress,
protecting them from further harm,
and may those seeds of anger
within the home wither and die.
Above all, when need is great,
may we never be too proud
to ask you, and others, for help.


Gracious God, be close to those
who, for whatever reason
are struggling to cope with today,
and this impacts not only
on their lives but those of friends,
family or work colleagues.
Bring peace into their turmoil,
love into their emptiness
and the help that they so need,
to become the person
you know that they could be.

Be our strength, Lord,
when times are hard,
and our confidence
that today’s troubles
will pass, and together
we shall journey
through this present
darkness, grown wiser
by the experience
and with a deeper faith.

My heart is heavy, Lord
a sadness pervades my soul.
Draw close at this time,
be the shoulder I lean on,
the strength I depend on.

Bless these aching bones
and put them to your service,
and give to them a boldness
Accept the little I can do
and let it be my witness.

Grant me the faith
that can move mountains,
the mustard seed
sown in hope
with certainty
of fruitfulness.

Grant me the faith
that can ask for healing,
with confidence
in your love,
and power.

Grant me the faith
to accept the outcome,
with serenity,
as your will
for this prayer
and this life

Faith & Worship

Faith and Worship

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