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Prayers for Children & Parents

Prayers for parents and our children as they grow up

"Then Esau looked up and saw the women and children. “Who are these with you?” he asked. Jacob answered, “They are the children God has graciously given your servant.” "
(Genesis 33:5)

For the miracle of birth,
new life entering this
beautiful but fragile world
in innocence and love
we give you thanks.
For the joy of parenthood,
and the potential
to be nurtured lovingly
within that tiny child,
we give you thanks.
Bless them all, we pray.



Bless our children, Lord,
growing up into a future
that is difficult to predict.
Protect them, guide them
and give them wisdom
to see above and beyond
the tempting choices
this world may offer,
that they might become
the people who, in your eyes,
they were always meant to be.



Bless the many people
to whom we entrust
the care of our children;
the baby sitters, childminders,
nursery workers, teachers,
doctors, nurses, grandparents,
aunts, uncles and neighbours
who together will become
part of an extended family
bringing love and laughter
into the lives of both
parent and child.
Bless their contribution
and the care that they give.



Bless our children
as they set out
along the journey
of life and faith;
and parents also,
as they equip
these explorers
and offer guidance,
survival training
for travellers
who, distracted,
might lose their way
and need to know
that your hand,
as well as theirs,
is never far away.



Give wisdom to all those
leading school assemblies;
inspire their teaching,
enliven their presentation,
and in those precious moments
open the eyes of children
to the possibility of a God
who loves them as they are
yet desires for them much more.
Lord, may seeds of faith be sown
that in days to come might grow
and, when the season’s right,
blossom and yield such precious fruit.



We pray for young Christians
growing up in a secular world,
that they might be courageous
in standing up for what is right,
unafraid to share their faith
and by your Spirit become
beacons of light and grace.
May they be truly blessed
and become a real blessing
to the families and communities
within which they work and live.



We pray for families
who, for various reasons
find themselves
living beyond their means,
unable to provide
even life’s essentials
without borrowing more,
despairing more,
sinking deeper into debt.
Oh Father, that we might be
a compassionate nation,
more ready to give
than take away,
more ready to love
than to condemn,
more ready to lend
a helping hand,
working together
for the common good
of all your children
within this land.
Through Jesus Christ,
who took the little
that was available
and shared it such
that all were fed,
this we pray. Amen



Bless our families;
mothers, fathers,
daughters, sons.
Protect them
from all that might harm.
Prosper them
in times of hardship.
Instruct them
in the ways of goodness.
Prepare them
for both joy and sorrow.
Unite them
within your arms of love.
Daughters, sons,
mothers, fathers,
bless our families
Lord, we pray.

We pray for healing and peace
for the stresses and strains
within family relationships.
For couples who have lost
the love that they once had,
and their lives are drifting apart.
For parents who no longer
can control their children,
and are beginning to despair.
For families who struggle
to live within their means
and not slip deeper into debt.
For children who walk into
a more uncertain future
with difficult choices to make.
For the stresses and strains
within family relationships
we pray for healing and peace.

Bless the children who,
because of background
or circumstance, do not
fulfil their true potential
in our education system,
and are disadvantaged
from such a very early age.
Forgive us if we are guilty
of not doing enough
to support the vulnerable,
the neglected, and those
who have already given up.
Give wisdom to teachers,
support workers, parents
and all who desire the best
for all our nation’s children,
that they might not only
survive, but go on to thrive.

Help all those raising children,
and struggling to understand
the pressures that they face
in their journey into adulthood.
Help us to guide them safely
through what seems at times
uncharted waters, your wisdom
the rock upon which we stand
to assist them on their way.
May they reach their destination
safely, your love sustaining
and enriching their daily lives,
which may in turn become
a blessing to parents, guardians
and carers everywhere we pray.

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