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Prayer for a damaged world

This world can often seem cruel and uncaring

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)

This can seem a cruel world
when viewed
from a different perspective.
Rains fail
winds blow
seas rise
precious crops
wither and die
and children
are hungry
Make us generous
we who have enough.
Give us compassion
for those in need
and may our prayers
be not only
in the words of our mouths
but in the action of our lives.

Sow seeds of peace in this world, Lord
and if necessary use me as your gardener.

When oppression
cruelty and fear
are all that is known
and suffering the daily experience
When famine
hunger and thirst
greet every morning
denying basic sustenance
How easy to say
there is no God
to turn aside
and label you an irrelevance
You who are
living water
bread of life
the one who offers deliverance
Who suffered
died and rose
bringing hope
that there is more to life than this
Bless all those
who in despair
and dark places
look to you for reassurance
Bring comfort
peace and where
there is neither
bring to them abundance

For all who question
when disaster strikes
bring compassion.
For all whose faith is
by death or loss
bring peace.
For all who have no
to life’s hard questions
bring love.
For all who are
of the misdeeds of others
bring justice.
For all who face
every day they wake
bring release.

Breathe love into lives ruled by fear
Soften hearts that are hardened by pride
Whisper gently to those bound by chains
Sow peace where conflict divides

God bless
the persecuted
and oppressed
God bless
the refugee
and dispossessed.

This beautiful world
can be cruel
destroying life
and livelihood
in an instant,
challenging our faith
in a God who cares.
This beautiful world
is yours, Lord
created in love
gifted by grace.
Help us
understand it
care for it
protect it
and when disaster strikes
be there
if not in person
then in prayer.

For all whose image of your creation
is marred by pain and suffering
your kingdom come
your will be done

For those who wake each morning
to shellfire and destruction
your kingdom come
your will be done

For children dispossessed of childhood
and transformed into soldiers
your kingdom come
your will be done

For orphans wandering lonely roads
to uncertain futures
your kingdom come
your will be done

For victims of rape or cruelty
and those suffering from Aids
your kingdom come
your will be done

For each persecuted family
carrying your Cross
your kingdom come
your will be done

This is your world
These are your people
and I bring them to you now

To the powerful bring humility
To the rich bring generosity
To the influential bring opportunity
To the oppressor bring understanding
To the hard-hearted bring compassion
To the suffering bring perseverance
To the hungry bring sustenance
To the grieving bring comfort
To the sick bring wholeness
And to all your people bring love
That binds all these together
In cords that cannot be broken

This is your world
These are your people
and I leave them in your hands.

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