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Prayers on a Theme of Thanksgiving

Expressing our faith through prayers of  thanksgiving

"The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the Lord. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the Lord and sang: ‘He is good; his love endures for ever.’" (2 Chronicles 5:13)

The blessed in your eyes
are not those who have everything
but those who have nothing.
Not the rich in earning
but the rich in spending
who give their all for you.
Your ordinary saints
being your hands,
feet and words
in their ordinary lives,
doing extraordinary things for you.
The blessed in your eyes
are not those who desire honour,
but those who merely seek to serve.
Thank you for the servants in your kingdom.

Your love,
flowing within us,
living water,
in that cleansing flow;
and our worship,
in sweet harmony,
through the air as birdsong
at the dawning of this day.
Stream meets stream
and river flows,
emptying into Ocean's store.

Your grace,
offering to us
from all that binds us;
and our prayers,
joining together,
as a fragrant offering
to the heart of the divine.
Stream meets stream
and river flows,
emptying into Ocean's store.

Your call,
whispering to us,
on our journeying;
and our service,
the only response
we can give,
a willing sacrifice
to the Godhead, Three in One.
Stream meets stream
and river flows,
emptying into Ocean's store.

When we walk with you,
in the light of your love,
it is your glory seen,
not ours.

When we talk of you
to those whom we meet,
It is your words that speak,
not ours.

When we minister
to people in need,
it is your hands that heal,
not ours.

When we worship you
and offer our lives,
your name is glorified

Spirit of God,
present with us,
living in us,
revealed through us,
and peace.
Spirit of God,
fill us anew
each day we ask,
that our lives
might overflow for you.

For all your saints
who have gone before,
and by their example
have brought us to your throne,
we offer our grateful thanks.
For all who through
dark days and nights,
held on to their faith
facing the fiercest foe,
we offer our grateful thanks.
For all your saints
gathered here today,
who by their service
bring love into this world,
we offer our grateful thanks,
Alpha and Omega,
God of today and all days,

The Lord is our salvation,
the rock upon which we stand,
the light by which we walk,
the strength by which we overcome.
Therefore we shall live by faith
and fear no one,
for the Lord our God is with us,
walking beside and before us,
sheltering us from harm.
It is the Lord’s song that we sing,
his praise within our hearts,
his word upon our lips
and the reason that we live.

When our hearts are weary,
troubled or weighed down,
we cry to you in prayer
knowing that you hear us,
and hearing
will answer in your time,
bringing healing,
and peace.
You raise us up
from the place that we have fallen
and put our feet on firmer ground,
that we might walk in confidence with you.
Such love, such patience.
To you alone we bring our thanks.

We are not grains of sand upon the shore
buffeted by sea and storm,
but individuals loved by God
more intimately than we could ever know.
Though from a distance
we seem insignificant and frail,
the creating breath that formed us,
now lives in and sustains us.
Thank you, Saving God,
made known to us in Jesus Christ
not only by his words,
but through his sacrificial life.
May our lives reflect
not only his love,
but your glory,
and the whole earth sing your praises. Amen



Creator and Redeemer
You did not plant the seed of this earth
Into the universe as if by chance.
It was your hand that placed it here,
Your plan to grow it here.
You did not populate this earth
With a people made in your image
Purely by chance,
It was your hand that placed us here,
Your breath that keeps us here.
You did not come as a tiny child
To walk this earth as if by chance,
It was your Love that brought you here,
Your Grace that saved us here,
Our Creator and Redeemer.

Shout for joy
The whole earth ,
And everything within.
For Light has come into the world

The mountains sing,
The seas resound
To the praise of your name.
Once promised, is here on earth

The angels' song
Rings in the air,
A child has been born.
The Saviour of the world is here

God of the journey from year to year,
We offer you our thanks
For the patience you show us
When so often we cause you pain,
For the kindness you show us,
When we struggle to know how to pray,
For the Grace shown to us
Even when we turn away.

God of the journey from year to year
We offer you our thanks
Take the imperfect that we are
And use us as your hands
Take the words we try to say,
That some might understand,
That Love came down at Christmas,
To bring God's Grace to man,
And walked the path we follow
Toward a Promised Land.
God of the journey from year to year
We offer you our thanks

For those who seek a Saviour
we lead them to the Stable
To the One who was born
To bring freedom

For those who seek Assurance
we lead them to the Light
To the One who opens eyes
to understanding
God's Word

For those who seek Forgiveness
We lead them to a Grace
beyond comprehension
To wholeness

For John the Baptist
preparing the way by repentance and baptism
we thank you.
For Jesus Christ
proclaimed your Son by water and Spirit
we thank you.
For Good News
that Salvation has come to the earth
we thank you.
For your love
undeserved and graciously given
we thank you.
For the Holy Spirit
transforming and empowering lives
we thank you .
For your promise
of an eternity in which to praise you
we thank you.

You have gifted the Church
through the goodness of your Grace
to be your hands and do your work,
to be your voice and share your words,
to bring healing to a fallen world
and broken lives make whole.
You have gifted your people
with the blessings of your Spirit,
the power to transform lives
and make all things new.
Now may our hearts receive,
our mouths proclaim,
our hands prepare for service,
that the love that we have known
might overflow the lives we live
and pour into the hearts of others,
that all might receive your Grace,
your renewing Spirit and your love. Amen


Generous God, for all that sustains us;
air to breath, warmth and light,
food to eat, water to drink,
we offer our thanks and praise.
For spiritual gifts that bind us together;
one people, one body
empowered for service
we offer our hands and voices.
For the Good News of the Gospel;
healing and wholeness
freedom and justice
we offer our hearts in service. Amen

Your love
flows like a stream
into the ocean of your Grace.

Your love
encircles this world,
displays your faithfulness.

Your love
is patient and kind,
brings wholeness and true peace.

Your love
is all we desire
to heal our brokenness.

As all things pass
and fade away,
love remains

You challenge us to follow you;
not by staying as we are
but by stepping out in faith,
casting our net into deeper water
as with Simon Peter, fisherman.
You challenge us to trust you
and be prepared for all
even when the load is heavy
and we struggle to succeed.
But with your challenge comes
Flimsy nets are filled,
broken lives made whole.
From emptiness
to abundance.
Thank you for your challenge
Grant us courage to follow. Amen

For love that offers refreshment
to all who drink of it,
Light to all who walk in it,
Strength to all who hope in it,
Healing to all who have need if it,
Wholeness to all who live in it,
This is the God we serve,
The God we worship,
The God we proclaim,
This day and all days,
with our words and our lives.

God the Father,
Creator and sustainer,
Delighting in the lives of all
who live in grateful obedience to your will,
we bring to you the thanks offering of our hearts.

God the Son,
Saviour and redeemer ,
Welcoming all who in humility
come to you willingly as servants and disciples
we bring to you the thanks offering of our hands

God the Spirit,
Power and supporter,
Living water flowing into all
who are open to the possibility of new birth
we bring to you the thanks offering of our lives

Almighty Father, beginning and end of all we are,
and the hope to which we cling,
it is to you alone we bring our sacrifice of praise.

Jesus Christ, Word of God becoming flesh,
in whose footsteps we now tread,
it is to your feet that we humbly bow in service.

Holy Spirit, creating breath and life to all,
a living presence within our hearts,
it is in your power that we can do all things.

Father,Son and Spirit
Three in One
Be the unity between our lives,
the light by which we see
and the rock upon which we walk
today and all days. Amen

You are our strength,
the light by which we walk,
the truth by which we talk.

You are our hope,
the promise to which we hold,
the story that must be told.

You are the peace
this world cannot provide,
that overcomes our pride.

You are our God,
the One whose name we praise
to whom our hands are raised. Amen

Where your love resides
there is wholeness,
Where your peace inhabits
there is harmony,
Where your Spirit lives
there is freedom.
God of gentle whisper
fragrant breeze
and sweet perfume,
infuse our lives
with all that is good
and pure and holy,
and we shall be a
living sacrifice
wherever you might need us. Amen

Gracious God, you look at hearts, not heads,
judge not by words expressed,
but how lives are led,
faith confessed.
Gracious God, your children span this world,
all considered of equal worth,
both Jew and Gentile,
one Lord of all.
Gracious God, the love which you have shown,
through creativity and cross,
demands response,


Gracious Father
loving unconditionally,
whose heart
overflows with forgiveness,
accept this, our thankful prayer.
Gracious Son
giving sacrificially
whose body
bled for our salvation,
accept this, our thankful prayer.
Gracious Spirit
flowing eternally
whose breath
revives our faith and soul,
accept this, our thankful prayer.

What a privilege to serve,
to share your love
through word and action.
What a joy to know
that what we say
can bring change in others.
What a blessing to see,
hearts touched
by the riches of your Grace.
What a harvest to be,
when seeds we sow
produce fruitfulness.

For all those moments when,
faced by difficult circumstance,
you have given us a word to say,
a wisdom that comes from you,
the touch that brings comfort,
a shoulder to lean on,
healing and compassion;
we offer this our thanksgiving prayer.
For all those moments when,
beset by doubt and uncertainty,
you have granted us a faith
that sees beyond the present
to a future that is glorious;
and humility to accept the help
that comes from others,
but ultimately from you,
we offer this our thanksgiving prayer.

We remember all who speak of you,
through their word and lives;
your saints on earth
to whom we owe our knowledge
of your saving Grace.
Wherever the seed of your love is sown
may it grow, flourish and blossom.
We remember all who pray for us,
through good times and bad;
your prayer warriors,
who look at the bigger picture
with patience and hope.
Wherever the seed of your love is sown
may it grow, flourish and blossom.
We remember all who serve you,
in their everyday lives;
your loving saints
who are your touch and comfort
wherever there is need.
Wherever the seed of your love is sown
may it grow, flourish and blossom.

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