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Prayers about our relationships

Prayers about how we get on and interact with others

"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12

Healing God bring your wholeness
into relationships that are hurting.
Not a dressing that will peel away
or a restoration of what once was,
but a process of transformation
where over time wounds can heal,
pain decrease, and lives once more
embrace within your love and grace.

God bless your conversations,
wherever they take place.
May your words bring wisdom,
compassion, comfort, peace,
encouragement, change
into someone’s life today.
And in that blessing given
may your life also be blessed.

For all who struggle
to cope with change
in the shifting scenes
of life – childhood,
education, families,
identity, relationships,
employment, faith,
growing older, dying -
bring hope, a sense
of your love for them,
a glimpse of eternity.

God of wholeness,
heal the hurts,
both inside and out,
that make life
difficult each day.
Ease the pain,
loosen the chains,
bringing freedom
in their place.

Gracious God, be with those
whose lives are consumed
by the loving care of others,
and exhaustion leaves them
empty from the act of giving.
Grant them refreshment,
rest, and strength enough
for the challenges of the day,
and may they, and the ones
within their care be blessed,
as love is given, and received.

Break down the hardness
in our hearts, Lord,
the wall that insulates
us from the world,
the wall that stops us
feeling others’ pain.
Break down the hardness
in our hearts, Lord,
so we might see and touch
this world with your love,
and through grace
transform its pain to joy.

Bless the givers,
eyes open
for those in need
of prayer,
a little time,
the gift of love.
In the act of giving
and receiving
may both be blessed.

In a fractious, divided world,
be the truth that informs us,
the strength that supports us
and the love that inspires us
to be different, imitators
of the one who made us.

Clear our minds
of all that hurts
ourselves and others,
and in the space
a song of joy,
a word of praise,
a smile, a hug,
sharing your love,
the simple things
that make this world
a better place


Faith & Worship

Faith and Worship

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