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Prayers for Bible Sunday

Remembering the Word of God handed down to us

The Bible, Word of GOd

The prayers offered below might be suitable for a celebration of Bible Sunday, or simply a reminder that God still speaks to us through the pages of the Bible - through the words of prophets and apostles we hear the Word, the Truth that feeds us on our journey of faith.

Gracious Father,
bring your blessing
into this meeting of your people,
gathered here today;
speak to our hearts
through the hymns we sing,
the prayers that are said,
and the reading
and understanding of your word,
that we might go refreshed
into the world,
and through our lives
bring refreshment to others.



From the very beginning was
Your Word,
which spoke this world into being,
Your Word,
which thunders from the skies,
Your Word,
which flows like mountain streams,
Your Word,
which whispers in morning breeze,
Your Word,
revealed through kings and prophets,
Your Word,
revealed through Angels' praise,
Your Word,
revealed in humble service,
Your Word,
revealed through a tiny child,
Your Word,
alive from the beginning of all things
and to eternity.


Your Word is the light we see,
a guide for our footsteps
to where you are found.

Your Word is the strength we find
when darkness threatens
to overwhelm.

Your Word is the power we need
to become servants
of a Heavenly King.

Your Word is the reason we live
in the sure knowledge
you are everything.



Your Word reveals to us a simple truth,
that sin entered this world
through human folly,
in believing we could be like you,
and permeated history
through envy, selfishness and greed.
Yet sin, which holds us tight
within its grasp,
cannot resist a heart that is touched
by your grace through Jesus Christ,
cannot contend with Living Water
pouring into hearts and souls.
Your Word reveals to us a simple truth,
that sin is defeated,
and we can become
the people we were always meant to be,
by your grace through Jesus Christ.



The seed of your Word,
scattered on fertile ground,
takes root,
puts forth branches
beneath which
no weeds can grow,
and then flourishes,
and brings forth fruit!
For the beauty of your Word,
sown in hearts and souls,
and a wonderful harvest to come,
for such divine nourishment,
we praise you, Creator God.


Your word,
that lamp for our feet,
reveals to us
the stony ground
we often tread upon,
where, stumbling
in our weakness,
we reach out a hand
for you to hold,
asking simply
that you lead us
once again
to firmer ground,
toward that rock
upon which
our journeying began,
where, in safety
we can rest awhile.



You have called us
to be your people,
to follow where you lead,
be obedient to your word
and bring your Good News
wherever we might go.
Forgive the impatience
and lack of faith
which causes us to stumble,
preferring our way to yours,
relying on human wisdom
rather than the truth
which comes from you.
Draw us back into your arms,
as prodigals to our Father
and grant us patience,
and a child-like faith
in our journeying with you.



This world tempts us
to believe the wisdom that comes
from human minds,
to have faith in no other thing.
But we have glimpsed the Truth
revealed in Scripture’s words,
and we shall worship the Lord our God,
and serve him alone!
This world tempts us
to believe we have control
of our destiny,
and have no need of the Divine.
But we have felt the touch
of Christ upon our hearts,
and we shall worship the Lord our God
and serve him alone!



A blessing for the Bibles we use:

Lord, bless this Bible,
your precious Word
revealed to us
through prophet,
priest and king,
apostles lives,
and in the wisdom
of your Son.

Lord, bless this Bible,
your living Word
given to us
to be shared,
read aloud,
and acted on
through the worship
of our lives.

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Faith and Worship

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