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Prayers on a Theme of Acceptance

Prayers affirming our acceptance by God


"Then Jesus told them this parable: ‘Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home... (Luke 15:3-6)

Creator God,
on windswept beaches,
your saints of old
held their hands up to you
in wonder and amazement,
felt your power through the roar
of wind and surf, and,
exposed to the elements,
felt a oneness
with the One
who had created all things.
This world does not often allow us
such intimacy with you, Father,
we are crowded out
by circumstances of our own choosing,
seeking fellowship with each other,
rather than with you.
Forgive our unwillingness
to follow in the footsteps of your saints ,
to meet you in the solitude of your creation.
Forgive our unwillingness
to get our feet wet




Your light is the only light I need
as I travel through life's mystery,
Your word the only voice I hear,
that still small voice that leads me
to the place where I should be.
Your presence is the only company I need
as I walk this narrow road,
Your fellowship the warmth I crave,
to help me on my way


In the beginning, Lord, I was alone,
like the earth, before your Spirit
moved over the waters.
I was formless and empty,
and darkness filled the depths of my heart.
Then, it was as if you declared
'Let there be Light',
and out of the darkness
I began to see hope,
like a shimmering ray of love
breaking through the parting clouds,
at the conclusion of the night.
In the beginning, Lord, I was alone,
but when I saw you in the light,
I was no longer afraid.
You held out your hand,
and though I had a choice,
I had no choice,
because to refuse,
was to embrace again the darkness.
In the beginning, Lord, I was alone,
now I feel a part of your creation,
loved, wanted, needed, family.
In the light of your presence,
I hold out my heart that others
might glimpse your reflection through it,
and be drawn from the darkness
that I once embraced,
into the light of your sunrise,
the brightness of your face




Can we really
move mountains
with a mustard seed of faith?
It seems rather a difficult task.
Could we maybe start
with a molehill,
and work our way up gradually?
But that’s not the way it works, is it, Lord?
So often you challenge us
with the mountain,
when we feel so unprepared,
unequipped for the task.
It’s then that we have to put self aside,
and fear,
and pride,
and cling tightly to your hand.
It is only then that we really feel
the warmth of your touch,
the certainty of your love,
the power of your presence.
It is only then
that our faith begins to grow ,
and we begin to see
our real potential.
Thank your, Heavenly Father,
for mountains
and mustard seeds




When I talk of neighbour
I mean the family next door,
whom I might or might not get on with.
When you talk of neighbour,
you extend our neighbourhood ,
to the whole world ,
to all kinds of people,
the old, the young,
the good and the bad,
those from different social
or ethnic groups.
I see them on my TV screen and just know
that I could not get on with them,
if they happened to move in next door.
But then, that is your challenge to us, isn't it?
To do as you did.
To extend the hand of love,
no strings or prejudice attached.
I can't do that Lord,
it is not in my nature.
But I am convinced,
that you can do it through me.




In our walk to the cross,
and beyond,
who will roll the stone away,
show us the empty tomb,
our risen Saviour,
Only you, Lord,
as you revealed yourself
to three women,
early on that Resurrection morning.
Only you, Lord,
as you revealed yourself
to hesitant and frightened disciples
in the upper room,
and showed your wounded side.
Only you, Lord,
as you revealed yourself
through the power of your Holy Spirit
on that Pentecost morning,
and reveal your self today,
through tongues of fire,
and through the gentlest of breeze,
through revelation,
and revolution ,
in hearts and souls.
In our walk to the cross,
and beyond,
who will roll the stone away,
show us the empty tomb,
our risen Saviour,
Only you, Lord.
Only you



It's the mystery,
infinite holiness,
and majesty,
that draws me to your throne.
It's my dependency
on your father-ness,
your limitless,
love that holds me there.

It's your humility,
total selflessness
and sacrifice,
that draws me to your cross.
It's my dependency
on your graciousness,
your limitless
grace that holds me there

It's your constancy,
always there-ness,
warm embrace,
that draws me into your arms.
It's my dependency
on your gentleness,
your limitless
patience that holds me there.


We are born in hope,
Raised in hope,
Nurtured in hope,
Loved in hope,
Comforted in hope,
Suffer in hope,
Endure in hope,
Overcome in hope.
Hope in the One
who has endured all things,
that we might know freedom.
Hope in the One
who has given us his Spirit,
that we might have power.
Hope in the One
who has loved us beyond death,
that we might have life.
Hope in the One
who prepares a place for us,
that we might share eternity with him.
For hope that endures, we thank you Lord.



The burden I carry always seems lighter
when I’m holding your hand.




We want for nothing
if we journey with our God,
his footsteps leading,
his hand to steady
if we should fall.

We want for nothing
if we listen to our God,
his gentle whisper
breaking through
the storms of life.

We want for nothing
if we rely upon our God,
his grace enough
to bring healing
into broken lives.

We want for nothing
in the service of our God,
in blessing others
through our lives
so we are blessed.

We want for nothing
in the worship of our God,
his Holy Spirit
the comforter
will satisfy our souls.


With you at my side
I will fear nothing
for your word sustains me
your Spirit guides me
and your footsteps lead me
wherever I might go.



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