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Prayers of Life

Prayers for our journey of faith and the world


prayers of life


Prayers of Life

is about the day to day business of getting on with our journey of faith in a world that quite often seems at odds with the way that we think it should operate!

In our own personal times of prayer, however brief they might be, and wherever they take place, it can be good to start with our own walk with God and spread out to encompass our fellow travellers throughout the world, their joys, concerns, and needs.

The main themes included in the book are:
Blessings (praying for ourselves and others)
The day ahead (its joys and sorrows)
The journey of faith
Looking for guidance
People around us
In the world
Saying sorry
Saying thank you
When times are hard
Conflicts and disasters

The vast majority of these prayers do not appear elsewhere on the pages of this website.


God’s love surround you,
God’s Spirit guide you,
God’s whisper cheer you,
God’s peace calm you,
God’s shield protect you,
God’s wisdom arm you,
wherever God may lead you.

As we walk into this new day,
gracious God, help us focus
on our relationship with you
and all our fellow travelers,
always willing to be a guide
to those who are uncertain,
as they navigate this world,
of their ultimate destination.

May you be found today,
in unexpected places
by unsuspecting people
going about their daily lives.
May you be found today,
in predictable places
by inquisitive people
searching for a different life.
May you be found today, Lord!

Be still, my soul,
just for a moment,
be still, and know
the warm breeze
of God’s Spirit
gently embracing.
Be still, and hear
the quiet words
of God’s Spirit
gently uplifting.
Just for a moment,
just for a moment,
be still, my soul.

Available in paperback edition from Amazon at £5.99 or $ equivalent and as a pdf version for mobile devices (Kindle format is very difficult to work with for poems/prayers!)

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