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A selection of new prayers

A changing page of newly written prayers

Not all the prayers I write find their way onto this website. They all go on the FaceBook page, but then into the prayer resource books that I publish. So, this is a random and changing selection of newly written prayers. Please feel fee to use them as part of your worship  (with appropriate nod to authorship if printed!) 


Ever-present God,
within the busyness
of this, and all days,
be at the heart of
all we do and say,
the focus of our lives,
that quiet whisper
of encouragement,
the gentle nudge
if we should stray,
our wisdom, strength
and purpose for today.

It’s another busy day, Lord,
and before I open the door
and walk into it, I sit awhile
and think of people I’ll meet,
journeys I’ll make, places
I need to be, asking only
that I might bring something
of your love, grace, wisdom
and healing where needed,
the offering you ask of us all
in the everyday of our lives.

Wherever you lead me today,
be near, dear Lord, I pray,
that I might have confidence
in speaking about my faith,
knowing when my words
are not enough, your light
might be seen in my eyes,
and your love in my heart,
for that is how I first saw
the spark that now warms
my soul, reflected in the life
of someone just like me.
Be near, dear Lord, I pray,
wherever you lead me today.

Light of the world
May each new day
be an opportunity
to be embraced,
each encounter
and conversation
a chance to show
in word and deed
the difference that
your light has made,
the warmth of its glow.

For the many blessings
of daily life; knowing
that you walk with us
through light and dark,
our strength and peace;
that your gentle whisper
is heard when wisdom,
love and grace required;
that you forgive when we
inevitably stumble,
and help us to our feet
on this, our daily journey
with you, Saviour and Lord.

Another day, Lord, and yet
unlike any other, as we open
the door to face its challenges,
frustrations, joys, sorrows,
conversations and distractions.
Another day, Lord, where we
step out knowing in our hearts
you are with us, your footsteps
beside us, your light to guide us
both in our labour and relaxing.
Another day, Lord, to leave
within this world something
of your love and grace, a seed
that’s sown by word or deed
and might germinate and blossom.
Another day, Lord. Hallelujah!

Through the many storms of life,
be our shelter, a strong fortress
against which nothing can prevail.
And in the quietness that follows,
as strong winds fade to breeze,
be the peace that calms our soul,
the warmth we seek, that always
draws us closer, Lord, to you.

On the path that I tread
bless the people I meet
time that is spent
words that are said
lightening of loads
peace that is shared
prayers of the heart
breaking of bread
Bless the people I meet
on the path that I tread

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