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Walking with God

Prayers on the Christian Journey


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Walking with God

is a collection of prayers written through one year, and influenced by what's happening in the world and the blessings, joys, struggles, ups and downs of walking the Christian journey.

In our own personal times of prayer, however brief they might be, and wherever they take place, it can be good to start with our own walk with God and spread out to encompass our fellow travellers throughout the world, their joys, concerns, and needs.

The main themes included in the book are:
At the start of the day
Nine to Five
Travelling in Faith
Health & Wellbeing
Struggles Along the Way
For Light in Darkness
The Bigger Picture
Just Being Thankful

The vast majority of these prayers do not appear elsewhere on the pages of this website.


For this new morning;
its joys and sorrows,
highs and lows,
triumphs and failures,
laughter and pain.
But more than this;
your presence with us,
grace and peace,
wholeness, freedom
to speak your name.
For this new morning
we give you thanks.

Gracious God, may you be found
not only in quietness of prayer,
ocean’s edge or mountain peak,
but in the bustle of everyday life;
in children’s laughter, conversation,
a beggar’s bowl, a busker’s song,
market hall or production floor,
sparkling eyes, a smile, a tear,
lover’s embrace, high five, a hug,
the struggle of increasing years.
May you be found in pain and joy,
gain and loss, for you are there,
around, within, if we have eyes to see.

You are the potter, Lord,
and in your skilful hands
even the unlikeliest of clay
becomes a thing of beauty
and useful, bringing glory
not to the pot, but its creator.
So take these lives, this clay,
and in your loving hands
transform and make us
into what we long to be;
made useful, Lord, for you.

May your voice be heard,
a sharp blade cutting
through the wisdom
of a world that struggles
to separate truth from lies.
May your voice be heard,
not just from pulpits
but on factory floors
where potential prophets
await your Spirit’s empowering.
May your voice be heard
and spread abroad
by those who recognise
the need for change,
for hearts and minds
to be renewed.

Available in paperback edition from Amazon at £5.99 or $ equivalent and as a pdf version for mobile devices (Kindle format is very difficult to work with for poems/prayers!)

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