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Time: The Bible And Us

A Bible Study looking at our relationship with time       

Time Bible StudyA study written during the time of lockdown in the Covid-19 epidemic, when in theory I had plenty of time on my hands.

It proved not to be the case, as I found adjusting to the new situation, the new ‘normal’, was more difficult than I had imagined. Suddenly there were lots of jobs needing doing, and fine weather enabled us to explore our local area (during our allotted exercise time!) more thoroughly than previously, finding evidence of the area’s rich past and its present beauty.

However, one day I was mulling over themes for a study and ‘time’ popped up, so here it is, not intended to be a theological or scientific explanation of what time is, but to examine how it appears in the Bible and everyday lives.

It seemed right to start at the beginning, but  also right to end with another beginning, because that is what the Bible brings to the table! In between, there is plenty to look at, and hopefully more than enough to talk and think about!


Time Bible Study

The study  is formatted such that each individual study can be printed off on 2 double-sided sheets of A4 for ease of distribution to a group. Alternatively, pass the ebook around your group for those that have  suitable devices to view on. If you're using it with more than one group, it would be appreciated if you could think about purchasing one study per group!


Study 1 -  Beginnings
(what is time?, dawn, morning and noon)

Study 2 - Until Evening
(a new day, time for work & prayer, daylight, evening)

Study 3 - How Long?
 (measuring time, seven days, months & years)

Study 4 - Ending & Beginning  
(darkness, night time, completeness and a new beginning)


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