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Take a moment to listen to the still small voice of God within the bustle of the day which has begun. Find a quiet place where you can enjoy precious moments of peace in God's presence. Sit quietly and listen to the sounds of the world around you, both outside and in the place where you are. Breathe slowly and rest in God's presence......


You are the God
who calls us to be
a chosen people,
a living sacrifice,
a holy nation.
You are the God
who calls us to be
a light in this world,
a faithful people,
a people of praise.
You are the God
who forgives
and restores us,
the God we serve.


Bring to God those times when you have walked alone, wrapped up in your own thoughts, failing to connect with those around you, failing to connect with God.


To whom can we turn
when we stumble from the path,
and this world challenges
all that we hold dear?
To whom can we turn
when the walls that we have built
begin tumbling down
leaving us helpless?
In you, O Lord
will we take refuge,
our strong fortress,
the rock upon which we stand,
our faithful God.



Be encouraged by the words of the psalmist

"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth." (Psalm 46: 10)

And of a God who knows the smallest detail about you, is concerned for you:

"We cannot but admit that not even the least thing takes place unless it is ordered by God. For who have ever been so concerned and curious as to find out how much hair he has on his head? There is no one. God, however, knows the number. Indeed, nothing is too small in us or in any other creature, not to be ordered by the all-knowing and all-powerful providence of God."
(Zwingli, Huldryrch)



Know that as you journey through this day, that you have a helper, a source of strength and comfort, the reassurance that we are never further from God than a whisper.


 In our journeying with you,
it is your hand
that stops us stumbling
or slipping on the path,
your word
that keeps us growing
and builds upon our faith,
your power
that grants endurance
whatever happens next.
Thank you
for joys discovered
and blessings received
in our journeying with you.




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