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Seeking Reassurance

Prayers about those difficult times when we struggle

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,  though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging"

(Psalm 46:1-3)

Who is there like you,
God of mercy and grace
who loves us as you do?

Who knows and understands
our actions as you do?
Who hears the thoughts and words
of our heart as you do?
Who knows our joys and sorrows
and shares them as you do?
Who feels the pain we endure
and comforts us as you do?
Who hears as we confess our sins
and forgives as you do?
Who takes a broken heart
and makes it whole as you do?
Who finds a life that’s lost
and welcomes it home as you do?

Who is there like you,
God of mercy and grace
who loves us as you do?

Bring to my sinfulness
the cleansing waters of your forgiveness
that having washed
I might know refreshment and release.

In my heart I have known
such intimacy with you Lord,
known you are always within my reach.
I have heard your glorious whisper
breaking through the clamour
of the world in which I move,
spent time in silent worship
in places of tranquillity and peace.
But there are moments
when deep in my soul
you seem so far away,
when the moments of my day
are consumed by my own self-interest
ambition and pride,
when my heart judges
and declares my guilt.
Draw me close again,
restore the love I first knew
that I might worship you
in spirit and truth
not only with my lips
but with each moment of my day.

Today is going to be a struggle.
The act of rising,
bustling crowds,
those I work with,
people I meet.
Be my confidence,
my assurance,
the words that I speak.
Be my freedom,
my guidance,
as I walk through these streets.
Today is going to be a struggle.
Keep my head above water,
my eyes fixed on you.
We want for nothing
if we journey with our God,
his footsteps leading,
his hand to steady
if we should fall.

We want for nothing
if we listen to our God,
his gentle whisper
breaking through
the storms of life.

We want for nothing
if we rely upon our God,
his grace enough
to bring healing
into broken lives.

We want for nothing
in the service of our God,
in blessing others
through our lives
so we are blessed.

We want for nothing
in the worship of our God,
his Holy Spirit
the comforter
will satisfy our souls.

May God the provider
of green pastures
and quiet waters
be the peace in our hearts today
May Jesus our guide
on mountain top
and valley deep
be the hope in our hearts today
May the Spirit of truth
and knowledge
comforter and friend
be the strength in our hearts today

May healing
flow like a stream
through your life,
sweeping away
all that impedes,
leaving you
at peace.

May this be a day of hope,
of expectation,
of relishing each moment
as a gift from you.
May this be a day of freedom,
of breaking free,
of loosening the chains that
still surround us.
May this be a day of peace,
of wholeness,
of knowing that our lives
are in your hands.
May this be a day of joy,
of blessing,
of living in your kingdom
as a child of God.

Lord, I am weary;
body and mind
as life takes its toll.
Lord, bring rest,
your presence
like a fragrant oil.

I will not be anxious
my soul is at peace
the load that I carried
has now been released

When my body is weary
grant me peace
When my soul is weary
grant me faith
When my spirit is weary
grant me joy

Breathe peace
like a gentle breeze
into my life;
dispel the dust
of unease and fear,
bring release.

Life is a struggle, Lord.
Time plays its tricks
on body, mind and spirit.
Simple tasks that in my youth
would have taken minutes
now consume
my waking moments,

Life is a struggle, Lord.
Technology confuses,
so little now makes sense.
Age strips the brain of sharpness
that once would have found words
but now struggles,
and coping.

Life is a struggle, Lord.
You alone are my constancy,
all I cling to.
Accept my mustard seed of faith,
and the simple words I offer,
my sacrifice of prayer.

Ever-present God,
you walk with us
through good times
and bad,
mountain top
and valley deep,
your footsteps our guide,
hands our support.

Ever-present God,
you are close to us
when life is smooth
or rough,
in wholeness
and brokenness,
your healing our hope,
your touch our desire.

Ever-present God,
bring comfort and peace
and the warmth
of your presence
and I shall fear no thing,
for you are with me,

My heart is heavy, Lord,
a sadness pervades my soul.
Draw close at this time,
be the shoulder I lean on,
the strength I depend on.

Bless these aching bones
and put them to your service.
Take these feeble words
and give to them a boldness.
Accept the little I can do
and let it be my witness.

Take this body, Lord
with all its imperfections
and use it in your service.
May the aches and pains I feel
be the start of conversations
about a God who makes us whole.
May the struggles that I face
enable me to share with others
about a God who gives to all.
May the little I can offer
say more about your sacrifice
and less about my role.
Take this body, Lord
with all its imperfections
and use it in your service.

Today I am struggling, Lord.
Today it is not so easy to believe.
Today the voices of the world ring loud.
Today the centre of my life is ‘Me’.
Today please be the strength I need.
Today please be the hope I desire.
Today please be the voice I hear.
Today be the centre of all I yearn to be.



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