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Meet the Disciples Bible Study

A glimpse into the lives of Jesus' twelve disciples

Meet the disciples Bible StudyMost churchgoers will be able to name some of Jesus’ disciples, but far fewer can recall the name of all twelve, and in understanding the dynamics of that group of close followers, and how they went on to influence the spread of Jesus’ teaching in the world, it is useful to have in mind the bigger picture, even if we forget some of the detail.

The journey that the disciples made with Jesus covered only a short period of time, possibly only three years, and that included teaching and intensive on-the-job training for what would be their future work. The tradition of the day was a prospective disciple would choose the teacher they would like to learn under, but it was Jesus who chose this group of disciples to prepare them for the task of sending his message out into the world.

The disciples were a mixed bunch, chosen by Jesus not because they could provide a good CV or excellent references but for their potential to do that which Jesus would ask of them (and one, of course, would later betray him).

They would go on to suffer great hardships and some danger, leaving the comforts of home behind to live on the charity and hospitality of others they met whilst in the towns and villages through which Jesus led them. Most would unfortunately die for their faith in Jesus, but then he did tell them that he was sending them out like sheep among wolves.

Incredible Journey Bible STudy on discipleship

The study  is formatted such that each individual study can be printed off on 2 double-sided sheets of A4 for distribution to a group.

The studies have enough material to keep a group going for an evening, looking at all of the twelve disciples over five sessions, and comprise

1) Opening Prayer

2) Ice-Breaker - A more general warm-up discussion topic

3) The study - with lots of information and discussion questions

4) Something to think about - A take-away thought

5) Prayer - Suggestion for prayer, at the meeting or later


Study 1 -  Bringing others to Jesus

Study 2 - Faith and doubts

Study 3 - Where do your priorities lie? 

Study 4 - Getting the priorities right 

Study 5 - Faithful to the end

Now available as a pdf to download, eBook for Kindle or paperback!

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