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The Incredible Journey

A Bible study looking at being a disciple!


Bible StudyThis Bible Study is called The Incredible Journey for a reason! It follows the lives of a real mixed bag of humanity - from fishermen to hated tax collector - who decided to give up everything that gave them stability and safety in life to follow a charismatic man called Jesus.

They are the familiar folk we call the Disciples, but that's what we all are who have decided not to go the way of the world, but rather to follow the one who John the Baptist called 'The Lamb of God!'

Just like us they struggled to understand who Jesus was, and why his journey had to end in the way it did, but yet knew deep in their hearts that this was the journey that they ought to be on, whatever happened!

This is a study about a journey, from the preparation to looking toward the destination!

Incredible Journey Bible STudy on discipleship

It is formatted such that each individual study can be printed off on 2 double-sided sheets of A4 for distribution to a group.

The studies have enough material to keep a group going for an evening and comprise

1) Gathering - General warm-up questions to get the grey cells working!

2) Our Guide - Scripture reading

3) Starting Points - Notes on the Scripture verses

4) Food for the Journey - Additional food for thought

5) Debriefing - Questions prompted by the reading to help the group look at their own journey in the light of the stary of those first disciples.

There are also some suggested prayers to begin and end a meeting.


Study 1 - Journey Planning

Study 2 - Setting out 

Study 3 - Life on the Road 

Study 4 - Blazing the Trail 

Study 5 - Keeping to the Path 

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