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'A Guiding Light' Bible Study

A Bible Study on the theme of God's guidance

Guiding Light Bible StudyIf you have ever been on a package holiday by air, then the chances are that at the destination airport you have been met by a representative employed by the tour company to be your guide though the week (or longer) of your stay. Someone who knows the town you are in, where the essential services, best value restaurants and bars might be found.

If you have booked coach tours from your base, then they, or another guide will introduce you to the surrounding countryside and any secret places that it might hide from the casual (and guide-free) visitor. They will also, hopefully, ensure that you find your way safely from one destination to another, and not lose any of the group!

Christians tend to think of guidance in terms of questions such as “What should I be doing with my life!” “Am I in the right job?”, “Am I in the right relationship?”, “Which Church should I go to?” and no doubt many more!

This study examines the theme of guidance, looking at Scripture and using examples of famous guides from history to inform our discussion. It starts with an assumption that those reading this study are amenable to God offering guidance in their lives.


Guiding Light Bible Study on discipleship


Each study is designed to be printed out double-sided on two pages of A4, or if your group all have electronic devices you can simply distribute the book around the group members – permission is given to do this around a single group.


1) The need for a guide

2) God's willingness to guide

3) Trusting your guide

4) The results of good guidance


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