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God Beside Us - Celtic Prayers

A collection of 100 Celtic-inspired prayers


God Beside Us

Praying through the day

So, what makes a ‘Celtic’ prayer different from any other?

In essence, of course, not a lot, because it is still bringing to God the same elements of adoration, thanksgiving, repentance and intercession that we are familiar with.

But there is a tradition of style and emphasis which goes back many years to the early days of Christianity in Britain and Ireland, when prayer and work went hand in hand, and the people walked through a much less cluttered land, scratching a living often in very remote places.

Centuries of oral tradition have brought many of these prayers to us, and it is these gathered collections, and a growing interest in Celtic spirituality that continue to inspire writers today.

The prayers I write are influenced both by the style and content of this tradition, and with the hope that they can find a place in contemporary worship.

This is a collection of my more Celtic-inspired prayers, so they have or will be in other books I have published or this website, but never collected together as a publication - I have done this one because I know that there are folk who particularly connect with the Celtic style of prayer.

The pdf version includes photographs, Kindle version is just text.

Bless our feet
that they might tread
the path prepared.
Bless our hands
that they might show
your love’s embrace.
Bless our words
that they might share
your grace and peace.

Spirit of peace
blow through this world.
Spirit of light
your brightness shown.
Spirit of love
warm hearts grown cold.
Spirit of truth
your word made known.

God of rising sun
be the warmth that I feel
God of gentle wind
be the air that I breathe
God of refreshing rain
be the cleansing I need
God of sacred space
be the peace that I crave
God of setting sun
be the rest I desire.

May your feet tread lightly
within this precious garden,
and imprints left behind
be simply where you paused
to sow a seed of love,
where now a flower blooms.

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