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A Fragrant Offering - Daily prayer cycle

Daily prayers in the Celtic tradition - New in Paperback!


Celtic daily prayer liturgyA collection of liturgies for morning, midday and evening prayer, together with appropriate Christian prayers for the major Celtic festivals.

I have tried to keep to a simple mix of prayer and scripture, similar to the pattern used in the very earliest Christian communities, using themes which are familiar to the Church today.

Throughout the liturgies is an opportunity for sharing the reading of both prayer and scripture. They can also be used as a personal daily cycle of prayer.

For the midday prayers I have adapted the ancient practice of lectio divina, which is a slow, contemplative prayerful reading of a portion of Scripture, which can allow the Word to speak directly to our hearts and lives. This method of praying is particularly loved of the Benedictine tradition of monasticism. St. Benedict encourages us to hear Scripture’s words with ‘the ear of our hearts’ and hear that ‘gentle whisper’ that Elijah heard on the mountain.

Because the early Church was involved in mission and evangelism within a pagan culture, I have also added some of the familiar Celtic/Pagan festivals to this collection, particularly where the Church has not already Christianized these with suitable liturgies. Most of these involve the natural world, the cycle of seasons and the important sowing and harvesting of crops. As such, they are within our appreciation of God’s world and worthy of our praise!

Available as pdf download, and newly published in paperback and only available worldwide on Amazon 


Sunday - The gift of a world

Monday - A community of faith 

Tuesday - Journeying together 

Wednesday - From desert places 

Thursday - Led to a pleasant land 

Friday - The resurrection life 

Saturday - The call to follow 

Traditional Celtic Festivals 



A Fragrant Offering

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God of morning and rising sun,
with breaking dawn the beauty
of your creativity
is revealed for all to see.
And we shall sing your praise.

*God of noontime and gentle rain,
you bring to us refreshment
on our daily journeying,
and the strength to persevere.
And we shall sing your praise.

*God of evening and setting sun,
you send us out in faith
and bring us safely home again,
such is your love and grace.
And we shall sing your praise.

Now may the hand of God go with us
on our journeying today,
the love of God surround us
as we venture on our way,
the Spirit of God be present
in everything we say
and God’s blessing be the gift
that we freely give away.


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