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The Essential Gospel

Eight Bible studies on Mark's Gospel


Mark's Gospel Bible Study

8 Bible studies on Mark's Gospel.

William Barclay says of Mark's Gospel ''It would not be unfair to call Mark the essential gospel. We will do well to study with loving care the earliest gospel we possess, the gospel where we hear again the preaching of Peter himself.'

Mark’s Gospel is the nearest we have to a report of Jesus’ life, a biography based largely upon Peter’s recollection (affirmed by the second century writer Papias) and the first of the Gospels to be written. It is focussed more on what Jesus did than what he said.

Mark is not afraid to show the first disciples of Jesus to be anything but perfect, more often stumbling, weak, confused and spiritually half-blind. Maybe Mark uses their weakness to help us - they ask the questions that we might want to. He also shows us that God does not expect perfection from us!

For Christians, Mark’s Gospel being concise and easily read provides a good review of the nature and works of Jesus. For this reason it is an encouragement to believers as well as a good introduction for those who are seeking.

The Bible Studies follow the story through, with commentary and discussion questions, and are aimed particularly at those who do not have detailed knowledge of the Scriptures.


Marks Gospel Bible Study

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So who was Mark

Preparing the Way

The Galilean Ministry

The Northern Journey

The Journey to Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Ministry

The Final Days

Death and Resurrection


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