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'A Precious Garden' Bible Study

A food-centered look at God and people in the Bible


A Precious Garden Bible Study‘Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.’ (Genesis 1:29)

Food is an integral part of the relationship between humankind and God, from the very first pages of the Bible. Whether it be the laws laid down as to which foods may, or may not, be eaten, to the ritual of sacrificial offerings and feasts, the importance of hospitality, the struggle to find enough to eat, sowing and reaping, leaving the gleanings for the poor to gather, or Jesus picking up on the daily work of fishing, sowing, owning a vineyard or laying on a banquet.

The studies look at different aspects of food and eating, as well as fasting, followed by a study and discussion on a Bible passage from the life and parables of Jesus. There are warm-up questions for the group and plenty of points for discussion. Suggestions for prayer and thoughts to take away and consider are also included.

A Precious Garden Bible Study

It is formatted such that each individual study can be easily printed off on 2 double-sided sheets of A4 for distribution to a group. Plus, you only need one copy of the study per group!

The studies have enough material to keep a group going for an evening and comprise

1) Sowing and Reading

2) Fruit, Spices and Vegetables

3) Meat and Fish

4) Breaking Bread Together

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