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Prayers for the Lectionary Year C

Praying through the Lectionary Year  C - Last after Epiphany

The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) offers a three-year cycle with four readings for every Sunday in the Church Year.

These readings are:
A Lesson from the Hebrew Scriptures (or Acts during the Season of Easter)
A Psalm
A Lesson from the Epistles or Acts
A Lesson from the Gospels

The following prayers follow a traditional form using the pattern of ACT (Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving).

There is also an opening prayer which can be used at the beginning of a service.

Last Sunday after the Epiphany 

(Transfiguration Sunday)

Exodus 34:29-35 ; Psalm 99 ; 2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2; Luke 9:28-36, (37-43)


We meet today, Lord God, not as in the days of Moses when a physical barrier, the veil, separated the people from your presence, but in the sure knowledge that when your Son died on the Cross for us, the curtain of the temple was torn in two to grant us access to the holiest place.

It is in this confidence that we approach your throne with our sacrifice of worship, and ask no more than that you will bless us with your presence, draw close to us and enable us to know you more. Amen


Awesome One, creator of all,
the light of your glory
fills the heavens,
the breath of your Spirit
blows through the skies,
stars above stand silent witness
to the power of our God.
By your word all things were made.
By your breath are all things sustained.
By your hand we were moulded
as a potter caresses the clay,
formed from earthly dust
into an image of the divine.
By your Grace we stand here,
your creation worshiping its creator
with this our sacrifice of praise.


You are the everything we desire,
the everything we do not deserve.
You are the love we have yet to find,
the peace beyond imagining.
You are the breath of life
enlivening the hardest heart.
You are the vibrant colour
illuminating the darkest dawn.
You are the truth that calls
in quiet whisper and through storm.
You are the precious moment
we reach out and touch the divine.
For those days when we forget,
forgive us.
When life distracts and focus shifts
forgive us.
When self imposes its own will
forgive us.
When our praise and worship fail to please
forgive us.
Embrace us once again, we pray
in sweet and loving fellowship with you. Amen.


Where your love resides
there is wholeness,
Where your peace inhabits
there is harmony,
Where your Spirit lives
there is freedom.
God of gentle whisper
fragrant breeze
and sweet perfume,
infuse our lives
with all that is good
and pure and holy,
and we shall be a
living sacrifice
wherever you might lead us. Amen

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