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Prayers for the Lectionary Year C

Praying through the Lectionary Year  C -  Eleventh in Ordinary

The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) offers a three-year cycle with four readings for every Sunday in the Church Year.

These readings are:
A Lesson from the Hebrew Scriptures (or Acts during the Season of Easter)
A Psalm
A Lesson from the Epistles or Acts
A Lesson from the Gospels

The following prayers follow a traditional form using the pattern of ACT (Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving).

There is also an opening prayer which can be used at the beginning of a service.

Proper 6 (11th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Sunday between June 12 and June 18 inclusive (if after Trinity Sunday)

1 Kings 21:1-10, (11-14), 15-21a ; Psalm 5:1-8; Galatians 2:15-21 ; Luke 7:36-8:


In the meeting of our lives,
be the focus of all that we are.
In the singing of the hymns,
the prayers that we shall make,
the reading of your Word
and the preaching of the same.
Speak to us, encourage and forgive us.
In the meeting of our lives, Lord,
be the focus of all that we are. Amen


Gracious God, our hearts cry out
in grateful praise
for all that you have done.
Your Artistry
in the beauty of creation.
Your Faithfulness
in the leading of your people.
Your Wisdom
in the words and works of Jesus.
Your Salvation
through the Cross and resurrection.
Your Promise
of a kingdom that is eternal.
Gracious God, our hearts cry out
in grateful praise.
Grant us a faith that can,
with the Apostle Paul exclaim
'I no longer live, but Christ lives in me!'


You are God of Justice
and God of Love.
Within your nature
is the source of all forgiveness
and freedom from the sin which binds us.
Forgive our reluctance to let go,
of the burden of our sin
and those who sin against us.
Your forgiveness is total,
ours is conditional.
Help us, Lord,
not only to trust your Word
and accept your forgiving love,
but also to extend that grace
to those we find so hard to forgive
that both they and we will know true freedom.


You listen to hearts and voices,
prayers expressed and left unsaid.
You hear our cries and answer them
such is your love for us.
Thank you for those who pray for us,
our families and friends,
who want nothing but the best for us,
Peace that passes all human understanding.
Bless them as they bless us.
Thank you for the names and faces
that you lay upon my heart.
I bring them to you now,
in the firm knowledge
that you already have your arm around them,
and their hearts shall be strangely warmed
by the love and healing that you bring.
Thank you, for listening.

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