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Prayers for the Lectionary Year C

Praying through the Lectionary Year  C -  28th in Ordinary

The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) offers a three-year cycle with four readings for every Sunday in the Church Year.

These readings are:
A Lesson from the Hebrew Scriptures (or Acts during the Season of Easter)
A Psalm
A Lesson from the Epistles or Acts
A Lesson from the Gospels

The following prayers follow a traditional form using the pattern of ACT (Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving).

There is also an opening prayer which can be used at the beginning of a service.

Proper 23 (28th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Sunday between October 9 and October 15 inclusive

Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7; Psalm 66:1-12; 2 Timothy 2:8-15; Luke 17:11-19


At this meeting of our lives
may the love that is shown,
concerns expressed,
worship offered
and fellowship shared,
be acceptable to you,
our heavenly Father. Amen


Praise the Lord, all people
let the sound of his praise be heard!
Great is his power!
Creator of the universe,
whose breath gives life,
whose hands create beauty,
whose love brings freedom,
whose glory fills the earth,
to you alone our praise we bring.
Saviour of the world,
whose touch gives healing
whose words offer forgiveness
whose suffering brings life
whose death is victory.
Great is his power!
Praise the Lord, all people
let the sound of his praise be heard!


God of Grace, we bring to you
our ingratitude
for all that you have done for us,
our impatience
when prayers seem to be ignored,
our selfishness
when prompted to give or share,
our unfaithfulness
when wandering from your way.
We ask for your forgiveness,
through Jesus Christ who gave all,
that we might learn to do likewise.


You call us to be
your light
in the darkness,
your voice
in the wilderness,
your hope
for the hopeless.

You give us
in our weakness,
and gentleness,
and boldness,
to proclaim
more of you
and of us, less.
For this we give our thanks

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