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Connexions - Faith & Creation

connexions bible studyA series of 10 Bible Studies with a Celtic theme of creation, and exploring different aspects of our faith using the created world we live in as our inspiration.

What I hope we can do in the series of studies is to examine our faith under the warm glow of the simple and practical experiences of our forefathers, using images that they would have connected with and hopefully bringing illumination into our own lives.


connexions bible study notes

There is background reading included (with an overview of Celtic Christianity), leader's notes, and each study can be printed off onto 3 sides of A4 (permission is given to print for study).

The studies include an image to focus the mind, notes to stimulate thought, and some often challenging questions to generate discussion. Also included are prayers/meditations for the close of a meeting.

The ebook form is ideal for this book, as it enables a group leader to print off material with minimum amount of paper (2 sheets of A4 per person so it's green as well!)

You can look at a sample study (pdf) by Clicking Here


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