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Ripples of Prayer - 300 new prayers!

Celtic Daily Liturgy

Ripples is a collection of over 300 new prayers for Church worship or individual use, with a general theme of engaging with the world in prayer.

Prayers for the day, for friends and family, for those who are lonely, sick or in need of God's blessing, the oppressed, the refugee, along with blessings for the joys of this life.

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Christian Prayer

The prayers on this website

Hundreds of prayers on a wide variety of themes for those who are leading worship, wanting prayers suitable for Church newsletters or service handouts, or simply for personal prayer use.
Celtic Church

Celtic Christianity - A potted history!

If we go back to the very early Christians, living in the Middle East in the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD we find them spread thinly around the Roman world and beyond. They lived quietly in a pagan society, meeting in homes and informal gatherings. But they lived different lives to their pagan neighbours, living by simple creeds or confessions of faith....

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Online Bible STudy

FREE Online Bible Study!

An eleven part Bible Study on a broadly Celtic-inspired theme of Faith and Creation, which you can look at online or click the printable version if you want to use it offline or with your local  Bible Study group. Connexions Bible Study

Christian Prayer

Praying to God for guidance

A collection of prayers for those who need a bit of reassurance that they are actually walking the path that God wants for their lives, and who wake in the morning a little unsure of their way. There's nothing wrong with wondering where you are on the map during a particularly long walk, or when the mist comes down - we're not all good with a compass!

Prayer books and Bible Studies

There are Bible Studies suitable for any time of the year, not just Advent and Easter! There are also several books with collections of prayers on the download page

Bless all those who are,
through no fault of their own,
forced to flee their homes
and take, along with family,
only that which they can carry
and seek a safer place to live.
Remind us of our Saviour who,
as a child, was also a refugee,
finding shelter in a foreign land,
and give us hearts and hands
willing to reach out and help
these, our distant relatives
within your worldwide family.

In a world which cares more
for the needs of self than others,
and is increasingly becoming
more inward-looking and fractured,
give us a heart for the vulnerable,
the refugee, the forgotten, the lost;
a heart that is based on yours,
poured out for the needs of many
and not for the comfort of a few.
Give us a heart which looks out
and sees your beauty in all people,
and welcomes them as a friend.

You have gifted the Church
through the goodness of your Grace
to be your hands and do your work,
to be your voice and share your words,
to bring healing to a fallen world
and broken lives make whole.
You have gifted your people
with the blessings of your Spirit,
the power to transform lives
and make all things new.
Now may our hearts receive,
our mouths proclaim,
our hands prepare for service,
that the love that we have known
might overflow the lives we live
and pour into the hearts of others,
that all might receive your Grace,
your renewing Spirit and your love. Amen

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