celtic preayers

Lectionary Prayers -Year C

Prayers follow a traditional form. After an introductory thought and prayer we use the pattern of ACT (Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving) to lead us into worship.

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Ninth Sunday after the Epiphany

(9th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

(Proper 4. If this is the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, this Proper may be replaced by the readings for the Last Sunday after the Epiphany)

Sunday between March 1 and March 7

1 Kings 8:22-23, 41-43; Psalm 96:1-9; Galatians 1:1-12; Luke 7:1-10 

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Great is the Lord, and worthy to be praised! Almighty God we come to you today in awe of your majesty, humbled by your love for us and in grateful obedience to your call. Be with us in our singing, our prayers, and the fellowship that we enjoy together, that we might go from this place refreshed and renewed for your service. Amen


How can we not sing your praise
with heart and soul
and proclaim your name
throughout the world?
God of creation,
Awesome in power,
Father of all,
there is none like you!
How can we not declare your glory
through all that we are,
and proclaim your name
throughout this world?


By your Grace
we are forgiven,
in your peace
our lives are lived.
By your touch
we know healing,
in your strength
are we made whole.
When this is forgotten,
our focus on self,
your face obscured,
forgive and restore.
Take our mustard seed of faith
and let it grow,
take root
and blossom
in our hearts and lives.
Through our Saviour
Jesus Christ
and in no other name
do we ask this. Amen


You are our strength,
the light by which we walk,
the truth by which we talk.
You are our hope,
the promise to which we hold,
the story that must be told.
You are the peace
this world cannot provide,
that overcomes our pride.
You are our God,
the One whose name we praise
to whom our hands are raised. Amen

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