celtic preayers

Prayers on a Theme of The World

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Time is something I have
so little of, Lord
But then you know that
I am a busy person
Busy for you, Lord
doing your work
It's tiring, very tiring
and at times I wish it were not so
that I had time for others
for myself
for you…
'Son, you have all the time in the world
and beyond
You give so much
and yet leave no time
for receiving
That's not how it's meant to be
It should not be you striving to do my work
It should properly be I doing my work through you
There is a difference, you know!'

In your time, Lord, in your time
Take the imperfect that is me
and create
the person that I could be
In your time, Lord, in your time


It is not ours to know
the time or place
when you will return
We have enough to concern us
in these present times
in the day to day business
of living
But one thing is certain
of this I am sure
we are all a part of history
and history has a purpose
an end point
a destination
and we should live our lives
as if that destination
is ours also
Lives lived with purpose
in expectation
For if the time is hidden
it may catch us unawares
our temples full
of unwashed linen
dirt and debris
Perhaps we'd better
get the dustpan out, Lord
do some unseasonable
spring cleaning!


Thank you Father
for the selfless giving of time.
For those often quiet saints
who do not argue their theology loudly
engage in lengthy debates
over complex doctrinal issues
or make their presence felt
within the hallowed space
of Church Council meetings
but simply get on with doing
the business
visiting the sick, the aged
and the lonely
a shoulder to cry on
a listening ear
and the reassurance
of one who cares.
Thank you Father
for all those quiet saints
who live their faith through their lives
in a world that often forgets
that you were never too busy to listen
never too busy to minister to needs
never too engrossed in work
to bring hope and wholeness into lives.
Thank you Father,
for your quiet saints


Lord God, help us to love those
whom we find it difficult to love.
Give us a heart that reaches out
to those we would otherwise ignore.
Give us the strength not to cross
to the other side of the road
but to play the part of the Samaritan.

This will not be easy, Lord.
It is not in our nature.

We spread our love thinly
among those we can relate to,
those who share our values
and those who do not threaten
our comfortable lifestyle.

It's not easy, Lord
and on our own we shall fail.

But with your help all things are possible.
You led the way,
and it is your example that we look to.
You turned the values of this world upside down.
Do the same with us, Lord.
Help us live the reality of your Love



By your Word were all things created
By your Word were all things given
That all might live in your garden
Eat the fruit of the land
Drink your living water
Grow in strength and wisdom
Husband and wife
Brother and sister
Mother and child