celtic preayers

Prayers on a Theme of Spring


prayers on a theme of spring


In the lengthening of days
Snowdrops emerging
from winter's frozen ground

In the sight of a tiny lamb
joyfully bounding
across hillside farm

Creator God, forgive our moments of ingratitude,
the spiritual blindness that prevents us
from appreciating the wonder that is this world,
the endless cycle of nature,
of life and death and rebirth.
Forgive us for taking without giving
reaping without sowing.
Open our eyes to see
our lips to praise
our hands to share
and may our feet tread lightly on the road.



Your message of hope
to a world tiring of winter’s starkness
longing for that first crocus
to push through snow’s icy blanket
and spread its leaves
like arms outstretched
to its creator
Our yearly reminder, if we needed one
that to a world that was dark and cold
a world devoid of love’s sweet warmth
you sent your Son
to break through sin’s icy blanket
and, arms outstretched
on a cross
he brought us
Thank you



A sleeping world emerges to new possibilities
Weakening winter's icy grip
And birdsong and bleating lamb
Announce to all the promise
That in due season
Creation bursts into life.
And whilst leaves that fell in winter
Lie upon the ground
Soon to feed the earth
In nature's wondrous cycle
Of death and rebirth
Within the tree is a stirring of new growth



There is real wisdom, Lord, in the adage
'It is always Springtime in the heart that loves God.'
Springtime is a season of optimism and hope
and the Christian lives a faith centred on hope.
Winter, with its cold and dark days has gone
just as Good Friday has passed to Easter and beyond.
We live a resurrection life
reflected in the new life springing up around us.
Thank you, Lord for the hope that you bring
the renewal that you bring
both to this world and to our hearts and lives.



For the cycle of life
Which brings death and rebirth
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For lengthening days
And sunlight's warmth upon the soil
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For a snowdrop's beauty
Reflecting its Creator's artistry
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For new born lambs
Their joy and exuberance
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For all of creation
And the majesty of its Creator
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring



This is your garden, Creator God
A thing of beauty
Beyond understanding
A poem that is being written
Not in words
But in colours
Wind's whisper
Soaring bird
Snowdrop's petal
Gentle rain
Sunlight's warmth
This is your garden, Creator God
A thing of beauty
Beyond understanding



Creator God
at the start
of this New Year
when thoughts turn again
to beginnings
starting afresh
new leaves
and turning skeletons
free from cupboards
be with us
as we gaze into the distance
of fresh mission grounds
of hopes and dreams
opportunities for service
and uncertainties
Take our fears
and turn them into strengths
Take our lack of faith
and empower us
through the Spirit
who breathes life into this world
whose presence is reflected
in the icy chill
of winter's breath
as well as the comforting warmth
of a summer breeze.
Walk with us into this New Year
of opportunity