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Celtic spirituality

The purpose of this guide is to enable a small group to make a spiritual journey, one which might make connections with the lives of early Christians from the first centuries AD in our land, often described as Celtic Christians, who met together to break bread, share their joys and fears, pray and sing in a country which was very different from that which we see today, where solitude was much easier to find and indeed sought out – a place and time to connect with their Creator.

It is difficult to live the life and experience the sights and smells that would have surrounded those first saints and enter into the spirit of the times. - but that does not mean that we cannot or should not make our spiritual journey, just that we have to be realistic about our expectations.


The format of the study is to allow for a day where a group or church can gather together in fellowship for study, share a meal and maybe join together over a sharing of the bread and wine of the Eucarist. There are 4 studies/workshops and associated resources, including leader's notes and a form of liturgy for opening and closing the day to help you get the most out of the experience. The material is presented as a .pdf in A4 format to allow for ease of photocopying, and costs just £3.99.

Celtic Spirituality


Format of the day is as follows:

Opening Worship
Session 1 - A sense of place
Session 2 - A sense of space
Fellowship Meal
Session 3 - A sense of connection
Session 4 - A sense of journeying
Closing Worship

(Leader's notes are enclosed for the sessions)


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