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The Worship Leader's Little Helper

Leading Prayers in Church

Worship Leaders Little Helper

This ebook is designed to be an aid for those who have been asked to lead the opening prayers in a church or fellowship group, but is wary of praying without notes or using written prayers.

Be assured, there's nothing wrong with that! The Church throughout the ages has used a written liturgy, mainly to ensure that it maintains a hold on orthodox belief and doesn't err into heresy!

The prayers offered here are written to be spoken, and use contemporary language where appropriate. They aim to be personal rather than remote, and be accessible without being simplistic.

There are 15 sets of prayers for ordinary Sundays, plus seasonal offerings for Advent, Lent, Easter and Pentecost, more than enough for the occasional Worship Leader!

The prayers are grouped as follows:

Opening call to worship from the Psalms
A prayer of adoration or thanksgiving
A linking prayer of confession

There is also a list of suggested responses should the worship leader want to compose a responsive prayer as part of their offering, and suggestions for leading intercessions.

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Opening prayers for Christian worship


Into our lives and into our worship
we welcome you, God Almighty.
You who breathed this world into existence,
creator of the very ground
upon which we walk.
Beginning and end of all things,
yet accepting each one of us
as precious in your sight
The Lord is here!

Into our hearts and into our souls
we welcome you, God Almighty.
You who hold the world in your hands,
and can number the very hairs
upon our head.
Source of all justice and truth,
yet through the death of your Son
redefining forgiveness
The Lord is here!


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