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Prayers for Peace in a Fractured World
Our newspapers are full of bad news stories, and ineviably it's people who suffer.
Prayers for peace

Early Christian Prayers
A collection of prayers handed down from the early Church
Ancient prayers

Praying through the Celtic year
Prayer resources following the ancient Celtic year.

Blessings & Benedictions
A small collection of contemporary prayers 


Worship Resources

Prayer is at the heart of Christian worship, and has been since humankind first encountered their Creator in a certain garden!

The form of prayer and liturgy used in the major denominations can often be traced back to the early centuries of the Church.

On this site you will find lots of worship resources, mainly centred around our prayer life. There are hundreds of prayers, both ancient/ traditional and those which I have written, often influenced by the Celtic Church. There are also complete liturgies and Bible studies available to download.

It's mainly a free resource, but that doesn't stop you buying an ebook!

John Birch, Kidwelly, Wales


Prayers Themes on the website

There are a whole range of prayers and liturgies on faithandworship.com, ranging from simple blessings through confession, adoration, thanksgiving and praying for the world and its people. There are also seasonal prayers for the important Christian signposts such as Lent and Easter, Pentecost, Advent and Christmas. Be sure to check out the list, as new resources are being added throughout the year.
For more info see Prayer themes.


Advent and Christmas Resources including Bible Studies

Advent Bible study

It's that time of the year again!

There's a new Advent Bible study available which follows the Revised Common Lectionary readings for this year, which hopefully will compliment and enhance your Advent experience this year!

It's called 'At That Time' and is available as pdf, ePub and Kindle versions (for more information click here)

For general Advent prayers, liturgies and assorted other Advent related information use these links:

Advent Resources - Advent Bible Study - Celtic Advent Liturgy themes - Prayers for Advent -  Christmas prayers



The Act of Prayer - 700+ lectionary linked prayers

The Act of Prayer

The Act of Prayer is a comprehensive volume of over 700 contemporary prayers written by John Birch and based around themes arising from the Common Worship Lectionary, the three year cycle of Bible readings followed by many churches.

Each set of prayers comprises an opening petition plus prayers of adoration, confession and thanksgiving for each of the Sundays in the church calendar plus extra festival days.

Designed to resource and inspire people leading prayer in church services, this imaginative book is particularly suitable for any who are taking first steps into this ministry, as well as those looking for original prayer material to use in small group settings.

More information here

May the love of the Father
the tenderness of the Son
and the presence of the Spirit
gladden your heart and bring
peace to your soul this day
and all days, Amen.

Let the majesty of the Father
be the light by which you walk
the compassion of the Son
be the love by which you walk
and the presence of the Spirit
be the power by which you walk.