celtic preayers

The Christian Seasons

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Under the warmth
of the summer sun
the world awakes and blossoms
into every imaginable colour
You created a garden for us to enjoy
and within it planted
the most magical of flower and trees.
You needed no horticultural training
to plan your colour scheme
no gardening expert
to recommend variety or design.
Your garden is perfect
its colours harmonious
its scale immense
spoilt only by the clumsiness of those who tend it.
Creator God
who breathed this world into being
who is discernible within
the harmony of nature
the perfection of a butterfly's wing
the grandeur of a mountain range
the soaring eagle and humming bird
thank you for this world
which you have created
Thank you for summer sun
which reminds us
that your creative breath
is still alive and active.
Thank you for the warmth of your love
sustaining this world
your garden



So many shades of gold
Another miracle we take for granted
Another expression of the artist's vision
The blending of the autumn hues
with the setting sun
Thank you for autumn, Lord




The Church is full of people
in the Autumn of their years.
Some have led colourful lives
leaves bronzed and golden
through exposure to the elements
their appearance the centre of attention.
Others have been exposed
to more extreme conditions
branches bowed and scarred.
Some go unnoticed,
yet stand tall and steadfast
against wind and rain.
All have a story to tell
all can offer support and shelter
for saplings which grow beneath
their leafy canopy.



There is a winter in all of our lives,
a chill and darkness that makes us yearn
for days that have gone
or put our hope in days yet to be.
Father God, you created seasons for a purpose.
Spring is full of expectation
buds breaking
frosts abating and an awakening
of creation before the first days of summer.
Now the sun gives warmth
and comfort to our lives
reviving aching joints
bringing colour, new life
and crops to fruiting.
Autumn gives nature space
to lean back, relax and enjoy the fruits of its labour
mellow colours in sky and landscape
as the earth prepares to rest.
Then winter, cold and bare as nature takes stock
rests, unwinds, sleeps until the time is right.
An endless cycle
and yet a perfect model.
We need a winter in our lives
a time of rest, a time to stand still
a time to reacquaint ourselves
with the faith in which we live.
It is only then that we can draw strength
from the one in whom we are rooted
take time to grow and rise through the darkness
into the warm glow of your springtime
to blossom and flourish
bring colour and vitality into this world
your garden.
Thank you Father
for the seasons of our lives