celtic preayers

The Christian Seasons

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Trinity Sunday:

Glorious Trinity
Make your presence
known in this place
through our worship
our prayer
the reading of your Word
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
within whose unity
lies all that is you
perfect love
justice, peace
and power
As we gather here today
your body, your church
throughout this world
fill our outstretched hearts
with your spirit
encircle us with your love
Make yourself known to us
in new ways
exciting ways
challenging ways
Empower us
Inspire us
Glorious Trinity



Spirit of life
ALL: Fill our emptiness with your fullness
Spirit of power
ALL: Stir our hearts afresh
Spirit of love
ALL: Touch us, and through us, our neighbour
Spirit of Creativity
ALL: Enable and empower the gifts you have given
Spirit of Eternity
ALL: Draw us ever deeper into your Kingdom




What was it
in that natal star
pre-eminent in the night-time sky
that stirred the hearts
and imaginations
of those magi from the east
was it colour
or more
a still small voice
in the darkness of the world
'This is the sign
that will proceed the birth
of he who fulfils the prophets' words.'
That still small voice
which whispers still
to our conscience
and soul
still leads
if we will but follow
to the stable door



In this season of expectation
We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah
Into the bustle of our lives
and the hard to find moments of solitude
We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah
Into our homes and situations
along with friends and families
We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah
Into our hearts, and those often hidden parts of our lives
We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah
For beneath the surface of your story
is an inescapable fact
You entered this world
as vulnerable as any one of us
in order to nail that vulnerability to the cross.
Our fears, our insecurities and our sins
all that can separate us from God
exchanged by your Grace for Love.
We cannot comprehend the reasoning
only marvel that Salvation comes to us
through a baby born in a stable,
and reaches out to a world in need.

In this season of anticipation
We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah



The joy of discovery
that moment
when hope and expectation
were gloriously met
by the illumination of one bright star.
We cannot imagine
what words were spoken by visitors
or if first impressions
left them somewhat confused.
Messiah, Saviour, a King
born in the barest of palaces.
Yet they saw and fell down
on their knees in adoration.
Lord, they saw you and knew
whom they had met.
As we meet around crib
candle or advent wreath
draw us into that stable
in our imagination.
In the quiet moments of prayer
this Christmas, that brief oasis
from the bustle of the world
bring alive to us
the smell of the hay
the sound of the animals
the cry of a baby.
Draw us close to our Saviour
Messiah and King as we offer
not Gold, Myrrh or Frankincense
but the gift of our lives
the only offering we can bring.