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Prayers on a Theme of the World

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We live in the world and are connected with it in every way - from the moment we wake the smells, noises, people, stresses, joys and burdens of the day affect the way we live. We can choose to interact with the world or isolate ourselves form it. If we choose the latter however, we stand apart from Jesus who went out of his way to move amongst not only the people who would naturally form part of his social group, but also the outsiders - and it was amongst these that he found those who were the most surprising in their response to meeting the Son of God!

Our prayers for the world should naturally include those for the people and situations that we would naturally try and avoid, as there lies our mission field!


This world I live in
this town I live in
this street I live in
this house I live in
may each be the focus of my prayer
Those I live with
those I rub shoulders with
those I work with
those I don't get on with
may each be the focus of my prayer
Those who laugh
those who cry
those who hurt
those who hide
may each be the focus of my prayer
Prayers centred less on self
and more on others
less on my circumstances
more on the needs of others.
May my life be likewise centred
less on self and more on You
and through You to the world
in which I live and move.



It's all in the touch
the touch of love
the touch of healing
the touch of compassion
the touch of reassurance
the touch that says
'You are special, wanted
held in high regard'
It's all in that touch
that very special touch
the touch you give through us
who reach out to those in need
to those who need to know.
Help us to be channels of your touch
in this dark world
to bring your love
and reassurance
to a world that knows
none of these



There is comfort
in the warmth of a hug
in a reassuring hand on shoulder
in the firm grip of a handshake.
Something passes from giver to receiver
and mysteriously returns with interest.
Yet in a world which worries
about values
and investment rates
and the volatility of currencies
so little attention is shown
to this simple fact.
The things that are rated of value
in this world
are temporary
fluctuating with the uncertainty
of the Stock Market.
Love meanwhile is constant
it's value increasing
each time it is given away.
This, Lord is the Investment Trust
of which you are in control.
Thank you that this is one
we can indeed rely upon.




This world tempts us
with bright lights
city streets,
tempting sights
and sounds.

This world tempts us
with objects
of desire,
raises us up
knocks us down.

This world tempts us
to believe
its lies,
challenges us
to live them.

This world tempts us
to reject
our God,
accuses us
and hates us.

This world tempts us
to disbelieve
the truth
that nothing can
defeat us.




Saints of days long gone
standing on seashore and mountain top
considered the might of the elements
that you had created
the roar of the wind and waves
the constancy of the tides and seasons.
To them, Lord it was evidence enough
that your creative Spirit was still empowering
this fragile world, encircling their lives
as the very wind and mist
that swirled around them.
We have so little time
to contemplate this world
and complain when wind and rain
conspire to spoil our day
Yet in doing so we often fail
to gain the comfort
and reassurance
that your saints felt in their isolation.
We forget that it was your creative breath
that set this universe in motion
and still moves across the world
Not always predictably
but there to be seen and felt
there to offer the comfort and reassurance
of a God who is constant and eternal.
Thank you, Creator God
for the constancy and ample evidence
of your love for this world