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A selection of prayers from the early Church on this website

stowe missal

Traditional Christian prayers handed down through the ancient scribes and saints, and revealing insights into the rich and varied theology of the early Church. There's a lot to be said from studying early prayers such as these as they provide a continuous link of worship between the early Christians of the first few centuries after the Crucifixion to ourselves. Their content and pattern provide a useful template for the writing of modern prayers.

Traditional Celtic blessings and prayers

Early Christian Prayers

Carmina Galetica - traditional Scottish prayers

The Stowe Missal (a very early liturgy considered to be Celtic in origin and pre 600AD). This is a pdf of a translation found on the web and assumed to be freely available.

St Patrick's Breastplate prayer

Prayers attributed to St Francis of Assisi

Rule of Saint Augustine

Rule of Saint Columba

Rule of Saint Benedict

ebooks by John Birch

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